Boredom. Self induced? I don’t know.

My exams got over in March. Since they were the board exams, my school does not reopen till the results arrive. Which, coincidentally, could be any day now. I don’t know if I’m scared. Maybe I am. Maybe I’m not.

It’s kinda scary; not knowing how you feel. Lately, this has been the norm. I’ve suddenly got this attitude, where I’m stuck between caring and not caring. I don’t know if I give a fuck, or if I don’t. It’s very weird.

I won’t kid, it’s scaring me. I nearly had a breakdown yesterday. Keyword: nearly. My best friend, (my life) made me realize that I’m a positive person and this is just a phase. I believed her. I trust her with my life.

But, with no school and a scary mind, one gets very bored. I don’t know what to do. I can’t bring myself to study. I can’t hang out with a lot of people, because they all have shit to do or are too busy. Sometimes, I’m too busy. Busy being sick. I’m sick. Like, ill. I can’t go out a great deal.

I’m bored. I can’t bring myself to do what I used to.

I want something to do, maybe this blog will be the answer to that? I don’t know. I can only hope.


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