If I ever sat down, like really really sat down with the utmost concentration, and made a list of my favorite songs, I’m extremely sure that the song ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis will find itself on there.

If somebody asked me why I loved this song so much, I wouldn’t have an answer. Do you need to have a reason to like something? Obviously, I’d like to point out the fact there are a lot of people who do not form an opinion of something without some concrete evidence on their part, but to be very frank with you, I’ve never been that sort of person.

If we go by the song, I have no person to call my ‘Wonderwall’. I adore many people, and some are very close to my heart, but I don’t think there’s even one person whom I could call my Wonderwall. There might’ve been a time where I might’ve appointed my ex boyfriend with that honor, but we quickly reached that point where I could not bear to hold a simple conversation with him. Obviously, he was out of the running soon enough.

If not in the present, perhaps in the future. Maybe, I’ll meet someone who will “be the one to save me”. But, from who? From myself? It’s not the monsters of the world that we need to fear; our demons do that job well enough. And, I fear, I am the only one who can battle my demons. We can surely get help, but never will our fears be completely conquered by another.

Nevertheless, I find the idea to be quite intriguing. Just something to think about.

On this note, I sign off.



6 thoughts on “Wonderwall.

  1. Wow. I listened to it yesterday while commuting, one of the songs I’ve downloaded but hadn’t listened to. Its good, reasonably. I like its good to be free by them quite a lot! 🙂

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