Societal Subtlety.

She despised it
Of helplessness
Of not being in
Control, oh so
She devised a
Plan, hatched a
They were not
Dare I say, fond
Of what she said
And what she did
After all, she was
A very, strikingly
Bold person, an
And of course
That was not
Acceptable, were
Women not made
To take care of
Their households
And meddle not
Where their
Say is unwelcome?
So whenever they
Came across a
Woman so fresh
So spectacularly
Headstrong and
So determined
They naturally
Vowed to take her
Down, for that is
What society does
Gossip, rumours,
Downright unpleasant
Her very existence
But a failed experiment
She was strong,
So strong
But strong people break
Just as much as you
Just as much as I
And so she broke
One day
And she never spoke
Out of turn again
And she had society
To thank for that
She soon moved on
And left only a note
And her mother had the
Society to thank for that
Her funeral, expected to
Be a small affair,
Surprised all but none
At the same time
Deep down, the damned
Society respected her too
But they had to do
What they had to do
And that was all
Clear as day
Bringing down
One person at a time.


I wrote this poem months ago, and I understand it might be is stupid as fuck. Thoughts are always welcome!


2 thoughts on “Societal Subtlety.

  1. This is quite good, actually.
    There are..subtleties in the society, of stereotypes which can be noted every moment, by the way people, act, think and speak. But the outspoken only gets beaten down and shown ‘where they belong’.

    Liked by 1 person

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