Darkness and Light. Accounts of my day.


She lost herself, in the darkness.
The day was dark; the night,
Darker still.
Until one day, at long last, a tiny,
Flickering light came to life.

I’ve had a crazy few days. What with a perfect score for my exam results (10 cgpa–yay!), school admission, attending classes, and MUN, life’s been super tiring and hectic. I’m sure that is pretty obvious, what with the shittier than usual poetry and the random photography I’m doing.

I have a test tomorrow, which I’m not looking forward to. I have plant anatomy to study before sleeping, then after I wake up I need to brush up my knowledge on the unit on units and measurement. Then a whole load of vector fun. Not.

I’ve already given up trying to study the IUPAC nomenclature, it makes absolutely no sense to me after I missed two classes. That is three hours worth of organic chemistry fun(not really), if anyone was wondering.

After this insanely boring and shitty post on my current to-study list, I think I’ve bored you enough. Let’s think hard, kiddo. Did you do anything of substance today? Well yes, apart from watching two fun movies, and working my butt off at class, I did. Well, what is it that you did? Er, I already told you. I watched two fun movies… No wonder you’re so dumb. Thanks, inner voice. I love you, too.

So, the first movie was Underdog. I really liked the beagle, he was so insanely cute. And the female lead was, too. Her dog? Didn’t like her that much. How blind was she? Ugh, I’m hating on dogs, what is wrong with me?

The second movie. 50 First Dates. I don’t quite know what I feel about this one. Like, on one hand I’m like omg super cute omg love the walrus omg omg omg. On the other hand, I’m like, short term memory loss? Seriously? It was okay, I think. I don’t know. Got mixed feelings about this one. Hmm.

I should go finish studying plant anatomy, 1:40 am already. Till a later date, cheerio.


9 thoughts on “Darkness and Light. Accounts of my day.

    1. You flatter me. 😂
      I didn’t expect a 10, in fact I was going all over the place whining about how I won’t get into a school, before the results. 😂
      Imagine how surprised I was, I started shrieking and screaming and jumping (even with the whole arthritis thing going on!) and mom’s like calm down!
      Syllabus IS scary! Never take PCMB!

      Liked by 1 person

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