Another Day of Studying.

Hey people, how have you all been? The prospect of blogging seems so much more exciting when you pretend that there actually are people who want to read about stuff you do throughout your day. To be honest, I don’t think that’ll be possible in my case. Why? The answer is very simple. My days are very boring. I sleep late, wake up late, laze around the whole day. Anyway.

Today was another uneventful day. I woke up around 9:30. Mom had promised me that I could start learning how to drive a two wheeler. I was very excited. So, as mentioned earlier, I woke up at 9:30. Only to find out that it was being taken for servicing, and since I had woken up late, I would have to wait until tomorrow. Come on, how is that fair? How?! After that, I ate my breakfast. After that was done, I took my medicines, and went back to sleep. Please, I was having such fun dreams before I woke up. So, I decided to slip back into Dreamland.

After that small (read long) nap was done and over with, it was one in the afternoon. I woke up, replied to messages on my phone, saw some TV, and then at two, I took a shower. I had to get ready and eat my lunch, because at three, I had to leave for my classes.

The classes weren’t much as well. The first class was biology. We finished the chapter on Plant Anatomy. Only a small section was left. Types of stele. Our teacher said they weren’t important, but once they had been asked in an exam, so better to study than dismiss it completely. So, then we studied five main types of stele. Stele is basically the arrangement of vascular bundles in plants and the presence and absence of the medulla/pith. There are five main types. Eustele is dicot stem, and Atactostele (I think) is monocot stem. It was an okay lesson. Then we studied biomolecules. That was weird. Our teacher went from explaining about ribosomes to chromosomes, and how the presence or absence of some sex chromosomes give rise to various syndromes. It was interesting, but too much to take in at once.

Then we had physics. We started the lesson on mechanics. It was fun. The teacher who taught us basic math (I don’t think integration and differentiation count as basic math, y’all), and vectors and the chapter on units and dimensions got changed. This new teacher is actually quite nice. His teaching is very easy to understand, and yeah. It was a fun lesson. Chemistry, was okay. We studied isomerism. And the types of isomerism. Organic chem is hard, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

Then I cam home, watched a bit of the movie, ‘Something Borrowed’. I like that movie, it’s cute. Then I saw there was crappy food for dinner. I sighed. Took the plate, and came to the room which had my laptop. Then spent time on Facebook, Quotev, YouTube, and on here, reading blogs. I’m still here, though gonna sleep now. It is 00:25 (that’s 25 mins past midnight.

So, goodnight! Or good morning/afternoon/evening, depending on what timezone you guys live in!


4 thoughts on “Another Day of Studying.

  1. I totally feel for you. I’m also studying for finals! Ahh. Also, I nominated you for the creative bloggers award! Check out my blog for more info! 😆


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