Tired. Sick. Sleep. Zombie.

The title of this post describes me perfectly right now.

Except the ‘Zombie’ part, that’s the name of the song that has been playing in my head the entire day. I mentioned it in the music post I did a day or two ago, it’s by The Cranberries.

So, I’m extremely nauseous since the day before. It was my methotrexate medicine day, which is the main stuff which is curing my JIA. One of the commonest side effects it has, is nausea. Now, I was always a little motion sick, always getting too hot in the car, or something, but THIS? It’s a whole other level.

So yesterday, I took my meds (this is Thursday), and went out with my friends for back to school shopping (MY SCHOOL BEGINS ON MONDAY I AM SO EXCITED), and it was very hot out, and when I came back home, I found myself incapable of picking myself up to go to my coaching classes (fun fact: I accidentally typed coaching as ‘cocah’ something, and though of cocaine. That means you need to be on drugs to make it through five hours worth of coaching haha. I think I’m high. Never mind.). So, I didn’t go to class. Slept after lunch, and woke up at six something in the evening. Then, after dinner, I had methotrexate again. Then, I wasn’t sleepy. So I watched TV till like two. Then I feigned to be asleep when mom checked if I was awake or not, and she switched the TV off. And then, I tried to sleep for he next hour. I really did try.

I just couldn’t. The stupid nausea wouldn’t let me. So I woke mom up, told her I felt I might puke, and she got me like a trashcan or something to puke into. But I couldn’t. So she kept it beside my bed. She ruffled my hair in the comfortable manner that moms do, and she gave me another dose of the medicine which helps me with my nausea (which I already had taken earlier in the day, mind you), and I went to sleep some time in the middle of the wee hours of the morning.

I woke up in the morning, not feeling all that well. Had medicine for my nausea. Didn’t even take my usual painkillers! Had breakfast, because empty stomach encourages nausea to irritate me, and then slept again. Maybe. I don’t remember. Then woke up, lunch. Fell asleep watching TV. I remember my grandmother came into my room, and was gently massaging my legs. It felt so nice. I went to sleep, waking up around seven. Then I watched Stacked on Romedy Now. Then at eight, Friends! I love Friends. Then I ate dinner, watched some Harry Potter (PoA was on), and then cried about not having an app to download music directly on my phone, then came on my laptop and was Facebooking, YouTubing, Blogging, Quoteving, and stuff.

Now I’m gonna sleep again. My nausea seems to have reemerged.

Goodnight, to those who are in my timezone.


P.S.: I don’t think I can go to tomorrow’s coaching, either. Sigh.
P.P.S.: Does anyone else have a book or song stuck in their head when they’re sick? It has happened lots of times with me. I remember that one time in fifth grade when I got food poisoning, and the first part of the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton (The Treasure Island maybe), was stuck in my head. Especially the part when the five go to explore the wreck. Weird.


10 thoughts on “Tired. Sick. Sleep. Zombie.

  1. Ah, Zombie. I love the music of that genre. So This blog sounds good.
    The song getting stuck in your head (In your head, zombie zombie ZAAMBAY AY AY OH xD) is called Zeigarnik effect. You can solve this by playing the ending few lines of the song in your head.
    Once you finish the song, the mind will think that the task has been completed, and your head will be clear.
    Though really, why wouldnt yu want your brain to keep playing Zombie?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not desirable if the other thing that you’re thinking of is wanting to puke your guts out. 😂
      I didn’t know that! I should go look that up, sounds interesting!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh. Well I think you have a point there.
        *Zombie, zombie, zomb-splooshh*
        Haha, good good, check out mine too
        uditmiglani.wordpress.com xD
        (The profile link doesnt work).

        Liked by 1 person

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