So, this is an angry post. I just noticed in my list of blog posts, that Day 2 and Day 3 of the quote challenge had gotten posted twice. Like, what the fuck? I never posted them twice. Why are you trying to mess up my life? Doesn’t math already do that?

Anyway, I deleted the second version of both posts. What I didn’t take into account, were the comments and likes. So, I don’t know what the unread comments on the Day 2 post were. Sorry for that. I swear, it isn’t my fault. The Day 3 thing was okay, cause just posted and stuff, but still. If this one gets posted twice, I’ll be very upset.

That’s all.

Goodnight! (If it’s night there, obviously)
Lots of love,


19 thoughts on “GLITCHES!

  1. I have also experienced this bullshit 2 montgs ago. I just posted a single post, but for some reason, a duplicate post appeared. So, of course, I deleted the post with no commemt and least number of likes. However, when I deleted it, the other duplicate was deleted as well…

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      1. WordPress is full of bugs, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t really mind it that much if somebody from WordPress would just tell these bugs about us…


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