Every once in a while, you’re going to hear a song, or read a book, or meet a person, who will turn your world upside down. You’ll hear it on repeat, or keep rereading it, or keep talking to them, simply because you’re trying to latch on to that shred of something that they made you feel.

They made you feel this bundle of inexplicable feelings, that you never thought you could feel. They made you a better person, or at least made you want to be one.

They made you feel raw, as if your world will never be the same again. They made you feel heart wrenching agony, and they made you feel as if you were on the top of the world.

I don’t think everybody feels the same feelings. I’m in love with all things broken and tragic. But, that’s just me. Some prefer happy endings. I do, too. It makes for less drama. However, I like tragic ones far better.

Starting at the very beginning. Books and songs and people. They are made up of chosen and well placed words. (Not scientifically, please don’t even go down that alley!) Something we read, hear, or are told, can greatly impact us as a person, as a being. They can impact us in various ways.

In particular, I like how things like words can make you feel things. I like the idea of how something as small as a word, can go on to make you feel things you didn’t even know you were capable of feeling. I like how they can completely describe what you’re going through, and at the very same time, are grossly inadequate in conveying across what you’re feeling. I like how one can say something and the other can understand it, and also how sometimes, you don’t get what the other person is trying to say at all. I like how they are our best form of communication, but even then some things can’t be limited in the relaying of a few chosen and well placed words.

I like words. I like their simplicity, and at the same time, their complexity.

Lots of love,


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