Hello! It’s been so long since I last posted, and I must say, I missed this dearly. However, I’m back right now, and well… Yay! Um, onwards with this post. Okay.

Misopedia, in simple terms, is hatred towards children. I’m not exactly a misopedist, but I think I might be. I really don’t know. I just know that I’ve had some really bad experiences with children, and I’m going to narrate a few of them here.

A lot of girls love taking infants from their mothers’ arms and rocking them by themselves. They’ll either walk around with the babies cradled in their arms and sing soft sings to them, or flat out babysit them, including feeding and entertaining them by pulling funny faces. Now, I was no different. I was very into this whole thing of caring for little kids. It was only after I was faced with their blatant disregard for my kindness (lol) that I stopped.

A few years ago, I was in fifth grade, maybe. It was a small get together, including people from dad’s office and all. One of the women had the cutest baby girl, and I loved pulling her cheeks and all that. I requested the aunty to give her daughter to me, and promised to not hurt her, or drop her, et cetera. However, after five minutes of being in my arms, she threw up on me. Like, excuse me? I’m trying to fucking keep you happy here. Can I get some (if not a lot) appreciation?


This was one thing.

Then there was another baby girl. She was the prettiest little thing I had ever seen. Her mother always dressed her in the cutest of outfits, only adding to the overall cute factor. Argh, she was adorable! However, whenever I tried to pick her up, she would start crying. I remember standing in front of the mirror, trying to figure out if there was something wrong with my face which scared her.

After that, I stooped bothering with little kids at all. I remember there was this kid in third who had a crush on me, when I was in seventh. His mother laughingly mentioned it as his first older girl crush. I remember how my sister teased me about it.

Then, only today, while I was going back home from school, I saw the cutest band of little girls going home. This little trio didn’t sit in the auto rickshaw as people normally did – they sat in the back, so they could look out the back of the rickshaw which was open. Oh my god, I remember smiling at their cuteness! Also, a girl smiled back at me when I smiled at her. Is all hope not yet lost?

Let me know about your equation with little kids! Are you a midopedist, or the very opposite?

Lots of love,


18 thoughts on “Misopedia.

  1. I’ve never really liked kids. I’m not saying I hate’em, I just don’t like them enough to bother. When I was 5, one of my mother’s really close friends had a daughter. When she got a little older I always had to sit with her when they came to visit. She was a nasty little thing. Always poking around. Always destroying my toys. I never liked her. I guess that’s what blew me off the “wanting to take care of little babies” thing.

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  2. My friend would totally agree with this 😛
    She has a severe dislike for kids.. It’s actually pretty funny
    I’m okay with them until they hit the age of 5.. Then they become little pests 😛

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  3. I’m actually pretty good with kids. Even the nasty ones don’t behave so badly when I’m around, and if they do, I can usually manage to talk/lull them out of it. In fact, there’s this cousin I have… he ALWAYS makes a fuss about eating, but when I’m around, he’s so well-behaved and finishes the whole platter without even complaining/crying/shouting once. So yeah. 😛

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  4. I think I became one today.
    Today, when I was coming back home from my school van, a trio of kids sitting beside me were shouting “Zero! Zero!” On the top of their lungs, my brain almost exploded by the noise.
    Also, after the kids went away, another kid pooped in his pants (he was 6) and lord knows how drearily I reached home.

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