“Swag Mom!”

So, I know I haven’t been posting AT ALL, so I must apologize for that. However, I’m going to try and post once a week at the very least. Anyway. Moving on.

Something hilarious happened today, and I’m going to narrate it here.

Today was a very rainy day; especially towards the end of the school day (actually, it rained the whole day). So, naturally, I ran to the school gate, praying that my bag won’t get drenched, because let’s face it: your practical notebooks are worth more than you on a rainy day.

Yeah, so I practically sprinted to the gate, only to find the auto rickshaw that I go home in, wasn’t there. Cursing my luck and the guy who drives for picking the absolute worst days to not pick me up, I stood under a tree with a few friends till the rain stopped a little or something, basically waiting in case the guy decided to come. Then, when almost everyone had left, this guy suggested I should catch another auto rickshaw. Basically because I had math class in like, half an hour, and also because if I kept waiting, the guy would never really turn up and all I’d end up with would be nothing but a nasty cold and drenched notebooks. And I take great pride in having the neatest notebooks around for miles. So, that wasn’t really an option.

So, when I reached home (around 3:15 pm; school gets over at 2:55), mom gave me food and asked me to change quickly, which I did. (But not before hurriedly taking my practical notebooks out and checking them like they were my newborn babies). Then, around 3:40, mom decided to call the guy and give him a piece of her mind. She told me to be quiet and not make a sound. And the conversation that followed:

Mom: Did you not go to pick her up today? She still hasn’t come home. (Friendly reminder that I was sitting next to her!)
He said something along the lines of him being unwell and that he sent someone else in his place.
Mom: Whatever it may be, she still isn’t home! This is so irresponsible of you!
Blah blah blah
Then, plot twist!
Mom: Oh, I hear something like an auto in front of my house, let me check if it really is her. *walking to the door and unlocking it*
Yes, it is her all right. She’s saying how she waited for a long time and is thoroughly drenched and that nobody came to pick her up and that she had to cone by her own. This is very bad of you.
~ conversation ended.

So, I should probably add how I walked to another room because I was about to burst out laughing, which I did anyway after the call ended.

As for the name of this post, it is what this friend said after hearing the whole thing.
Yes, mommy! Much swag, such wow. xD

That’s all for today! xD

Fun fact: If you replace the ‘a’ in banana with other vowels, you get:

Much love (and lots of swag),


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