No Space.

The title goes both ways – no space in my head and no space in my phone. Sighsighsighsighsigh. Phone had some 12 GB usable memory, and I’ve filled it all in just a little over six months. That has to be a new record, yes? Anyway, I’m just thankful dad got me a SD card to pop in, so I can transfer the shit on it. The thing with me is that I don’t like transferring stuff. It takes a lot of time, a lot of precious time that can be spent reading fanfiction or staring into space, daydreaming about drool-worthy hot boys.

Struggles are real, huh?

So so so school today. SHIT. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. That math test I talked about in the last post? Guess what I got?ย I got, no, I can’t say it out loud. Or type it on here. Terrible. Absolutely horrific. I almost wanted to cry, but had a test in the next period [{PLANT KINGDOM I FINALLY CONQUERED YOU MUHAHA (not really, I mean, I messed up in the life cycle of mosses… but yeah, pretty good test, meow)}]. Then, recess! I did nothing but talk to friends while eating lol. This guy got told off for standing really close to two-three girls while talking to them. LOL. I’m not sure if that is sad or funny.

However, I won’t lie and say that I didn’t laugh, ’cause you bet your bottom dollar that I did. ๐Ÿ˜

Next class… CHEMISTRY! I WAS LAUGHING FOR A HUGE PORTION OF THAT PERIOD BECAUSE THE GUYS BEHIND ME WERE GOING CRAZY. I was also hitting my leg against the legs of the desk, because my legs hurt and well because… yeah. If you know me, you know that I’m a somewhat violent person. (I threatened to cut this guy’s dick off and feed it to him because he kept giving me spoilers). I keep hitting people all the time, especially one of my best friends, whom I sit with. She calls me a wild cat. Meow!

After rocking desks and a babbling bumbling band of baboons, it was English Lit. I told her that I’d submit it the following day, so… okay. Then we had a free period. Then home. Then math class. I was scared of going to class, as I was positive I was going to be scolded for doing terribly in the test. Got off okay, so um, that was that.

I wanted to sleep once I got home, but then decided that my phone’s need of transferring data from the internal memory to the SD card was greater than my need to sleep. And that is how I ended up here, listening to this song I like and on Facebook and reading fun stuff.

Speaking of fun stuff, be sure to readย this! It was SO AWESOME GAAAHHHH!

I’m tired now. Toodles!

Sky xoxo.

P.S.: Test in Physics on Friday, test in Chemistry on Monday, test in math on Tuesday, and another test in math on Friday.


15 thoughts on “No Space.

  1. That’s a lot of tests! In Hong Kong, high school students only have 2 midterm tests (since there are two terms in one year) and two major exams per year. As for university level, there’s only one midterm test and one final examination for each course.

    The level of difficulty though is quite high…

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      1. That’s so lame. That would have driven me crazy if my teachers back then did that since I’m not really fond of tests.

        In my opinion, too much standardized tests (and homework for that matter) won’t really help students to learn since they would just tend to cram all the information in their heads before the tests and just forget about it afterwards. A lot of students nowadays are just studying to just pass the exams and not to really learn. In other words, the emphasis is on memorization rather than immersion…

        In Hong Kong, the exams are the most important component of your grade since exams constitute 60 to 70 percent of your final grade depending on the subject or course. So, you can imagine the pressure those students are feeling during examinations.

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