Tons of Exercise! (Not Really).

I had a pretty tiring day today.

I woke up, did some exercise for about half an hour, then breakfast. Then was in a sleepy daze till like twelve, at which I was sent to the bathroom to wash my hair and to wake up (basically to stop being a zombie).

After that, I wrote some practicals and called a friend who handed her phone in (the blasphemy!) and asked her about school stuff. We talked for a total of fifteen minutes, which is laughable as I only called her to ask what I should write as the answer of one question.

Finished writing the chemistry practical at like, five something. Thought I’d take a break till five thirty, and then study the chapter that’s due for a test tomorrow but I don’t think I should bother with plans anymore; it’s seven now and I still am on that ‘break’.

However, pretty eventful break. I made myself some iced tea, and mom made me exercise some more. After that, she made me bicycle around the block (doc told me to take up cycling as it would help and blah blah blah), and the funniest thing was how I found the key to my cycle covered with cobwebs. Haha!

I got back from the cycle ride, and now am in front of the TV, writing this. After I eat something, I’ll go study. Promise.

Sky xoxo.


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