The Diary of a Young Girl.

We were assigned this book in the tenth grade. It was either this or Helen Keller’s autobiography or something, and frankly, I would pick Anne Frank over Helen Keller any day.

I tried reading the book in seventh grade, but found it… uninteresting at the beginning, which is primarily why I forgot all about it for the next two years.

Anyway, I was happy. We had Gulliver’s Travels in ninth, and I was happy because this seemed more interesting. Now, some people prefer getting summaries of the novel chapter wise, but not me. I like reading the whole thing.

So, the novel. I remember being excited, because it was essentially a diary. A diary is an intimate part of any person, and isn’t that why people like stealing others’ diaries and reading them? Now, I know a huge part of the world has already read the book – nothing intimate about more than a few hundred thousands reading the same diary – but looking at it that way kept it fun.

So, the book was divided into two parts for the two school terms. The first part was okay. It wasn’t very very interesting, but it was okay. I really liked the second part. It was interesting to read, and I just really really liked it.

What really got to me, was the end of the book.

No hint of the fact that she was going to her death after that post. None at all. The very… incompleteness of the whole thing is unsettling.

Says a lot, though.

It might end a lot more suddenly than one might think, and you might not have time to put your affairs in order. I’m just not sure if that’s the tragedy or the beauty of the end.

However, I’m quite sad that she didn’t make it. The fact that she died weeks away from liberation is heart wrenchingly sad.

I really really really want to visit the Anne Frank House.

Lots of love,
Sky xoxo.

P.S.: I’m rereading TFIOS, hence Anne Frank. Though I should’ve done this post sooner.


9 thoughts on “The Diary of a Young Girl.

  1. We had it too for school. You were lucky that you got Gullivers Travels in tenth, we had three men in a boat. That. Book. Was. Unreadable. Like literally, I fell asleep on the second page! On the freaking second page!
    I got a bit carried away before. Kindly ignore all that*embarrassed chuckle*
    Anyway, about the dairy of a young girl. I totally agree with you. Like totally*grins*
    The second part was really interesting! The unfinished ending made me think about the uncertainty of life. A great book it was. It must’ve been the first novel I enjoyed that was assigned for school xD
    Aaand, you’re reading TFIOS? That book is simply amazing. It made me shed a tear or two. And that’s saying something coz I RARELY cry while reading.
    P.s. sorry for such a freakin long comment*embarrassing laugh*

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    1. Oh my god, no way! Gulliver’s Travels sucked big time! It was terrible! Oh god, it was so bad! 😭
      It’s okay, haha! I was going to talk about how Gulliver’s Travels sucked big time, then thought that it wouldn’t be wise, as it is not unappreciated in the world of literature.
      I’m rereading TFIOS, actually. For the Idontknowwhat time. I cried for like seven chapters straight when I first read it.
      It’s okay, I gave you a long comment back! πŸ˜€

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      1. Hahaha, we can debate over which one was worse for as long as we want but we can’t reach to a conclusion as none of us has read both xD (I’m telling you three men in the book was worse!)
        Let’s move on from this topic*chuckles*
        I can totally understand. I too have reread TFIOS like a thousand times(let’s not get literal xD)
        P.s. totally random question, what genre do you read the most?

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  2. Looking at the above comments, I don’t know if I should be happy or sad to have had three men in a boat in ninth. Wait a second, do you have the story of my life and the diary of a young girl in eleventh? Because we already have it in tenth. And Gulliver’s travels and TMIAB in tenth? Because we had it in ninth. Gosh darn I’m so confused!

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