The Emoji Tag!

I was nominated for The Emoji Tag by gxxdbyeagony. Thank you! This sounds fun, primarily because I use emojis all the time and they’re cute.

The rules are, well, pretty simple:

1) Thank the blogger who nominated you. Check.
2) Answer the emoji tag questions.
3) Nominate other bloggers for the tag, and notify them of their nomination. I think I will cheat here, hehehehehe.

Question time!

1) Do you like emojis? If not… why are you on this tag?
I already answered this above! But anyway, I love emojis. And that’s why I’m doing this tag. Not to seem rude or anything, but if somebody who disliked emojis got nominated for the tag, they wouldn’t do it. Simple as that.

2) What is your favorite emoji and why?
-The poker face? I use a lot of emojis, I don’t know. Here, take a picture of my commonly used emojis:


3) Emojis or emoticons or other?
-I call ’em emojis. I used to call them smileys for like, a vast portion of my life, till I got rudely corrected by my then crush; this extremely hot yet uninterested and aloof tenth grader. I was in eighth.

4) Most frequently used emoji?
A cross between the good ol’ poker face and the laughing emoji. I will also bring to your attention how my whatsapp now has the option of the middle finger emoji (which my friends and I are ECSTATIC about).

5) Five emojis you wished existed?
-A yummy pizza emoji. This one looks a month old. 🍕
I don’t know what else.

6) If you can, type five emojis you’ve never used.

7) Have you ever sent a tweet/message where the emoji was in a separate line? If so did you go OCD?
-Yep. Totally went OCD. My friends and I sometimes have emoji conversation, where they go a little like this:


So, we’re very OCD about patterns. If the pattern goes out of whack, I start crying. (Not really, but…)

I nominate:
Shubby, Muskan, Gaurav, Wide-Eyed (I don’t know what else to call you by, sob sob cry cry), and New Romantics.

(See? Too lazy for words, can’t even link and shiz.)

(I’m studying physics.)

(I studied for biology practical exams the entire day.)


Bye bye,
Sky xoxo.

P.S.: Lol.


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