Sadness, all around.

You read it.

I didn’t give the chemistry exam. Was in bed for like, two days? Yep, two days. Anyway, was in bed for like two days, with the worst headache and body ache ever. Then, the entire Saturday was spent at the hospital, getting tons of tests done.

At the opthalmologist, they gave me a mydriatic drug for my eyes, so that they could check my eyes while they’re dilated. So, long story short, all of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday went by with me being partially blind.

I got my glasses, finally. Do you know what power they are? Hahaha!

I have something called latent hypermetropia (or hyperopia), and also hyper accommodation. These terms are pretty cool, you should look them up.

I can’t properly read (still), and um, what else? Can’t give the exam tomorrow because ten chapters left and I have like half a day left and not even one chapter down.

I also had a chat about my ex boyfriend with this friend, who also happens to be the ex’s friend. Suffice it to say, I’m high on Australian cookery shows.

I also want to make desserts.

And you know what? I will! Make desserts, that is. I’m bored now, and I can’t read all that well, and my mouth tastes like all the medicines I have to take, and I’m just losing it.

I will try studying, and then probably sleep after that, because head hurts.

So I got like a dark blue, almost black frame, and also a red and black frame.

Well, toodles.

Sky xoxo.

P.S.: I want an accent. I don’t care which, just an accent. American, British, Australian… Anything.


1 Down, 4 To Go!

I suck when it comes to capitalising words in titles. I’m always confused as to what needs to be capitalised, and what doesn’t.

Anyway, MY PHYSICS EXAM IS OVER! And I’m not failing, how cool is that?! But I should still be cautious, I still have math and chemistry left.

So, it’s English tomorrow, and I’m really not stressing it. Like, not at all. I have three chapters left, writing formats to look at, and four chapters of the novel.

I’m so relaxed right now, it’s almost funny.

So, this is just an update post. One song I’m listening to repeat this week is Sex by the 1975. It’s an old song, but I really like old songs. Not that old, either.


Well, there was Joshua Anthony Brand, but I don’t think he’s like a professional model. I think he models for Hollister or something.

But this guy! Lucky Blue Smith is what he’s called. AND HE’S SO PRETTY ASDFGHJKL!

That pretty hair and that gorgeous face, and those eyes!

So to sum up, my favorite models are:
Cara Delevingne, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Lucky Blue Smith, and Joshua Anthony Brand.

Such pretty people.

That’s all for this post. I know I’m bored, but I still have to study.

Toodles! Wish me luck, folks!

Love as always,
Sky xoxo.

P.S.: I do the hula hoop like a fucking PRO.


(Warning: Post may contain PG-13 stuff. Read at your own risk. Kids, go sleep.)

Since I’m extremely sleepy and can’t sleep till three or four, I’m gonna try to stay u by writing stuff which will probably not make sense to anyone (especially me in the morning).

I’ve noticed that people in my school who’ve taken commerce and science are very different, even in appearance. Like, not appearance. Just differences in how they maintain them.

So on one hand, you have the commerce girls – always waxed, pretty hairstyles, not one hair out of place (unless you’re talking about non-head areas – in that case, no hair at all), um, what else?

Okay, whatever. Then the science girls – I think only three girls wax (or shave), people don’t care about their hair (seriously don’t), and even the guys have long nails because they forget to cut them.

Is this a coincidence? I think not.

(What am I even saying right now).

Then, all the homosexual jokes. (Not aimed at me, of course. The fact that JC and VV and I spend three fourths of the school day gushing over Christian Grey and alpha males only pays homage to this fact). I’m not sorry to say that they are extremely entertaining, because they certainly are. Especially when we were joking about AW, SJ, and GT having a threesome, and them not getting what JC, VV, DK, K, SRC, and me were laughing about.

Especially the bit where SJ asked SRC to open his mouth and he did and everybody went CRAZY! I lived up to my name (the drama queen, if anyone was wondering), and did a whole thing – walked backwards in shock, clapped a hand over my mouth, wide eyes and all, dropped to the floor; all the while crying about how I’ve been scarred for life.

What else? I mentioned JC, VV, and I gushing over guys in the paragraph above, didn’t I? I should expound on that.

So, for those of you who know, yay, but for those of you who don’t? Don’t worry when Sky’s studying biology! (Um…)

So, there’s this thing called Wattpad where people write stories. It’s fun. It consists of everything from fanfiction to original creations, and has a lot of genres.

Okay, so. The three of us read stories on there and discuss them at school. And well, the strong, dominating men are our favorite. And don’t forget possessive.

We also love Christian Grey. Well, JC and I do. VV hasn’t read Fifty Shades.

Um, what else? School’s pretty fun because we have such cool people. Recently, we’ve been playing volleyball – the entire class – because exam week and less people come to school, and it has been so much fun.

On Wednesday, AW and BA were shouting at each other while we played, and all JC and I could discuss was how the two alpha males were this close to pissing and marking their territory.

If anyone plays volleyball, there’s this play called ‘fingering’.

With the whole ‘alpha males going at it’ scenario, my mind had a field day. I corrupted JC too, and all we could do was laugh every time somebody mentioned the word.

BA was being super annoying though. I completely side with AW (and not just because me likes), but also because I got in a spat with him where my reply left him crippled (not really, I’m nice).

BA: You’re playing center, go in front!!!!!!!! (For the fifth time! He said the same thing so many times!)
Me: How much more space do you fucking want?
BA: GO IN FRONT! (He was playing mid defence, which was basically behind me.)
Me: *stomps ahead, pulls the net above head, walks in the other team’s area and turns to face the idiot) Is this good enough for your highness? *sickly sweet voice*
Everyone: *laughs and applauds*

Everyone was getting sick of his shit, I kid you not. Even I’m not this mercurial, and my mood swings are something else.

I don’t even know what this post was. If anyone went all omg what did I read, I warned you!

Sky xoxo.

P.S.: Weirdness knows no bounds at the moment.





The sound is trivial; insignificant. However, as I’m surrounded by this defeaning silence, it is all I know. The gentle noise fills my ears; a cacophony that doesn’t go away.




I’m cracking my knuckles; wringing the corner of my flimsy dress. Tapping a foot on the floor, shaking my head rigorously.


I’m banging on the walls; screaming in agony.


My eyes dart around wildly; hands claw away at emptiness.


Suddenly, I’m sinking.


I’m fading away.


I’m fading away into nothingness.


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Hips Don’t Lie.

I was out shopping, when I remembered an incident from about two years ago. I will narrate it here.

This incident took place when I was in ninth grade, I think. I was thirteen at the time. It was one of those office parties – don’t ask.

So, kids were allowed. And um, this uncle’s kid (first year of college then, I think), said some stuff about me to the other kids while I had gone to grab a drink (one of those fizzy drinks. Dad never gave me alcoholic stuff :|). So, when I asked a friend what it was that he had said about me in my absence, she giggled and said something that had me choking.

“Whenever she (yours truly, peeps) walks, she always swings her hips and walks like she’s a model on a runway. I don’t know what she’s trying to achieve by behaving like that.”


I was all of 13 years old, I guess. He was in college. COLLEGE.

Let’s not even talk about the fact that I have two left feet. I can’t dance for the life of me, and trip while walking on flat ground.

Hell, I can’t even laugh properly standing up straight – always falling on people and things, losing balance. In fact, only today a guy in my class asked me why I can’t laugh standing up straight. 😐

This was so hilarious, I can’t even!

I hope you find it as funny as I found it! Let me know if you’ve come across funny stuff like this!

Sky xoxo.

P.S.: Last post before hiatus officially begins.
P.P.S.: When I stood for the school elections last year, some of them rumors. “She gets C on all tests!” “She steals gum!” WHAT EVEN KIDS.


Looks like everyone is doing one of these…

It’s my turn to do this, too! (I’m not excited about the whole thing. Don’t get the wrong idea).

So, my exams begin on the 16th of September, and end on the 30th. That’s basically half this month. But I’m warning you in advance, because of a few reasons:

a) I’m probably switching off my phone for a month starting tomorrow.
b) Inactivity because my level of preparedness: -55863.
c) I’m that suicide chick – the one who took math AND biology. So, must not go down without a fight…

Basically, the abovementioned reasons. I return on the 30th of September (this year only 😐), and will see you then! (I’m tempted to say “Save the date!”, but then again this isn’t a wedding invitation, nor is it an exhibition, or some event like that. Sad though, isn’t it?)

So, that’s it. Who’s going to be sad and miss me when I’m gone? (Okay, nobody. But a girl can dream!)

Anyways, goodbye. For like, a little over 20 days…

Reminds me, here’s a funny conversation between me and my elder sister!

Censoring skills on point.

(My sister and I – we like to talk in weird text language. If you don’t believe me, she scored 2300 in eleventh grade on her first attempt at the SATs. Yes, I know. I’m extremely jealous, too.) (Scores are out of 2400.)

Signing off for a few days!

Sky xoxo.

P.S.: I will miss you people, regardless of the same sentiment being extended towards me. 😐

Biology Practical Exam!

We have 9 experiments in biology. Out of the nine, I had studied seven. Turns out, the only experiments I had to learn were the first, fourth, eighth and ninth. But since the teacher hadn’t made it clear enough, I studied everything.

Apart from that, classification is redundant. As in, the classification of an organism according to the kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species is unnecessary, as I only have to write the name of the organism, and the phylum it belongs to. Not even the scientific name of the organism.

Guess who’s mad?

Apart from that? Only three minutes to identify the animal specimen, draw the labelled diagram of the organism, write two features of the phylum to which it belongs, along with the characteristics of the organism.

Leech, and prawn.

You tell me – who can draw that prawn in 1.5 minutes? (Assuming I get the other stuff down in the other 1.5…)

Well, okay. I also found out that she does two vivas – one about the experiment we’re doing (which is the dissection of a dicot stem/root, or monocot stem/root) – another from what she has taught. Seriously? I need to study 8 chapters for a viva meant to be related to practical stuff done in the lab?

My biology teacher also said how she expects VS and I to score full in the practicals.

Thanks for adding to the nervousness and pressure, ma’am.

I’m gonna go study now. Laterz!

Sky xoxo.

P.S.: I’m going to refer to real life people by their initials; so much easier than anything else.