This Song I like Right Now.

I am supposed to be studying for my Speaking Skills tomorrow, but oh well.

Young James Dean, some say he looks just like his father
But he could never love somebody’s daughter
Football team, loves more than just the game
So he vowed to be his husband at the altar

New Americana, Halsey.

I really like this song right now, and I really like this bit from the song. If you haven’t already heard it, I suggest you do it RIGHT NOW.

Um, okay. Let’s move on!

Today at school. It was a weird-ish day. We were told we will have a physics test today, but we didn’t have a physics period today. The teacher had told us she’d take the math period, but when she didn’t come during the second period (math), everyone positively celebrated. Well, we received a nasty shock after recess.

Recess is after the fourth period. Today, we had chemistry after recess, but one thing everyone forgot to take into account was that today was the twelfth grade’s chemistry practical exam. The teacher had told us she would require four periods for the exam, but that had conveniently slipped everyone’s mind.

So, surprise, surprise: PHYSICS TEST. Now, I had been absent for the duration of the chapter while it had been taught in class, and I hadn’t studied it at home, either. So, I was screwed.

The test was for 20 marks, and had 9 questions.

I made answers up. I shit you not, I MADE answers up. I’m 43795% sure the teacher will faint after reading my answers and wonder why the fuck I took Science. [Sometimes I do too, then I think of how I need to win a Nobel Prize one day. {I’m ambitious beyond relief. (More like too dumb for my own good.)}]

So so so. Listening Skills. Went great. I just missed a teeny-tiny thing BOTH times the passage was repeated, so I’m pretty sure I lose a mark. Or who knows, she might think it was an acceptable answer? (Still getting 19/20 so ehh).

Speaking of practical exams, I have had the ones for Physics and Chem done and over with. Biology is on Friday, and I’m pretty scared for it. The teacher asks questions in the viva from all that she has taught (stuff taught in class apart from the laboratory stuff), and that’s kinda scary.

My physics practical wasn’t as good as I wanted. I got the experiment where you had to find weight of a body of unknown weight using the Parallelogram Law of Vectors. It is not one of my favorite ones, and it showed. My readings were incorrect, even though I double (triple, actually) checked everything I was doing to see where I had gone wrong. Finding nothing and having resigned to my fate, I handed in whatever readings I got. My viva didn’t go that great either. It was okay. It wasn’t extraordinary – just okay.

Chemistry, on the other hand, was a great success.

I got Lead Nitrate for salt analysis, which is one of the best salts anyone could get (apart from Copper Sulphate, haha) (maybe even Ammonium Carbonate?) (darn, even Aluminum Sulphate isn’t that hard). The reason for this is that in the dry heating test (you take some of the salt in a test tube and heat it), the salt decrepitates, which is basically the salt making a crackling sound. I could explain the theory behind decrepitation, but I think you don’t wanna hear (?) Eh, okay. Salts without any water of crystallisation crackle in the dry heating test.

Viva was kick-ass. I got five out of five marks, yay! I only messed up in one reaction, but the rest of it was pretty great. I think I accidentally dropped some conc. sulphuric acid on my hand while doing the ring test [(aqueous solution of salt + freshly prepared ferrous sulphate solution + conc. sulphuric acid added gently along sides of test tube) formed is a dark brown ring at the junction of acid and solution]. And some girl accidentally dropped some hot water on me while I was washing a test tube. It wasn’t intentional; she was using the same wash basin as myself to wash her test tube, and was probably washing her ring test out – it’s exothermic, test tube gets really hot.

So so so, I did great! I’m shit scared for biology on Friday though; hope I survive.

I also cut my leg on the edge of the bench. Ugh.

That’s it for now, gotta practice speaking! *poker face x 100*

Sky xoxo.

P.S.: This guy I’m really attracted to basically looked at me for like a long while in the recess, and I DIED. then came back to life, and then died all over again. His eyes and gah! (I feel like one of those giggly schoolgirls…)

P.P.S.: Here’s the lyric video to the song! ❤


25 thoughts on “This Song I like Right Now.

  1. I also missed a single thing in listening skills, I couldn’t understand it the first time, and some prick made me lose it the second time. He was yelling, “Gaurav, 3 ka answer bata”, all I could do was sit there quietly and try to listen. Like didn’t he see that there were 3 teachers staring at him in disbelief!? And I didn’t even know who he was!

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