Biology Practical Exam!

We have 9 experiments in biology. Out of the nine, I had studied seven. Turns out, the only experiments I had to learn were the first, fourth, eighth and ninth. But since the teacher hadn’t made it clear enough, I studied everything.

Apart from that, classification is redundant. As in, the classification of an organism according to the kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species is unnecessary, as I only have to write the name of the organism, and the phylum it belongs to. Not even the scientific name of the organism.

Guess who’s mad?

Apart from that? Only three minutes to identify the animal specimen, draw the labelled diagram of the organism, write two features of the phylum to which it belongs, along with the characteristics of the organism.

Leech, and prawn.

You tell me – who can draw that prawn in 1.5 minutes? (Assuming I get the other stuff down in the other 1.5…)

Well, okay. I also found out that she does two vivas – one about the experiment we’re doing (which is the dissection of a dicot stem/root, or monocot stem/root) – another from what she has taught. Seriously? I need to study 8 chapters for a viva meant to be related to practical stuff done in the lab?

My biology teacher also said how she expects VS and I to score full in the practicals.

Thanks for adding to the nervousness and pressure, ma’am.

I’m gonna go study now. Laterz!

Sky xoxo.

P.S.: I’m going to refer to real life people by their initials; so much easier than anything else.


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