(Warning: Post may contain PG-13 stuff. Read at your own risk. Kids, go sleep.)

Since I’m extremely sleepy and can’t sleep till three or four, I’m gonna try to stay u by writing stuff which will probably not make sense to anyone (especially me in the morning).

I’ve noticed that people in my school who’ve taken commerce and science are very different, even in appearance. Like, not appearance. Just differences in how they maintain them.

So on one hand, you have the commerce girls – always waxed, pretty hairstyles, not one hair out of place (unless you’re talking about non-head areas – in that case, no hair at all), um, what else?

Okay, whatever. Then the science girls – I think only three girls wax (or shave), people don’t care about their hair (seriously don’t), and even the guys have long nails because they forget to cut them.

Is this a coincidence? I think not.

(What am I even saying right now).

Then, all the homosexual jokes. (Not aimed at me, of course. The fact that JC and VV and I spend three fourths of the school day gushing over Christian Grey and alpha males only pays homage to this fact). I’m not sorry to say that they are extremely entertaining, because they certainly are. Especially when we were joking about AW, SJ, and GT having a threesome, and them not getting what JC, VV, DK, K, SRC, and me were laughing about.

Especially the bit where SJ asked SRC to open his mouth and he did and everybody went CRAZY! I lived up to my name (the drama queen, if anyone was wondering), and did a whole thing – walked backwards in shock, clapped a hand over my mouth, wide eyes and all, dropped to the floor; all the while crying about how I’ve been scarred for life.

What else? I mentioned JC, VV, and I gushing over guys in the paragraph above, didn’t I? I should expound on that.

So, for those of you who know, yay, but for those of you who don’t? Don’t worry when Sky’s studying biology! (Um…)

So, there’s this thing called Wattpad where people write stories. It’s fun. It consists of everything from fanfiction to original creations, and has a lot of genres.

Okay, so. The three of us read stories on there and discuss them at school. And well, the strong, dominating men are our favorite. And don’t forget possessive.

We also love Christian Grey. Well, JC and I do. VV hasn’t read Fifty Shades.

Um, what else? School’s pretty fun because we have such cool people. Recently, we’ve been playing volleyball – the entire class – because exam week and less people come to school, and it has been so much fun.

On Wednesday, AW and BA were shouting at each other while we played, and all JC and I could discuss was how the two alpha males were this close to pissing and marking their territory.

If anyone plays volleyball, there’s this play called ‘fingering’.

With the whole ‘alpha males going at it’ scenario, my mind had a field day. I corrupted JC too, and all we could do was laugh every time somebody mentioned the word.

BA was being super annoying though. I completely side with AW (and not just because me likes), but also because I got in a spat with him where my reply left him crippled (not really, I’m nice).

BA: You’re playing center, go in front!!!!!!!! (For the fifth time! He said the same thing so many times!)
Me: How much more space do you fucking want?
BA: GO IN FRONT! (He was playing mid defence, which was basically behind me.)
Me: *stomps ahead, pulls the net above head, walks in the other team’s area and turns to face the idiot) Is this good enough for your highness? *sickly sweet voice*
Everyone: *laughs and applauds*

Everyone was getting sick of his shit, I kid you not. Even I’m not this mercurial, and my mood swings are something else.

I don’t even know what this post was. If anyone went all omg what did I read, I warned you!

Sky xoxo.

P.S.: Weirdness knows no bounds at the moment.


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