About a Boy.

This post was actually inspired by a guy I saw on the road today, while going back home after school… The guy was wearing a shirt which is part of the uniform of the coaching institute I went to, and it reminded me of something (rather someone) I had forgotten.

So, just before I left those classes, I met this guy.

It took me at least a good fifteen minutes to reach classes, and so I used to leave home by 3:45 pm, even though classes started at 3:30. Haha! Actually, my school gets over by 2:55. I reach home by 3:10, or 3:15. I change, and eat food. I’m a slow eater as it is, so I got ready by 3:40, eating food and changing into class appropriate clothes (basically the shirt which was compulsory for everyone, and a pair of jeans).

So once I got to the place, I got into the elevator. We picked up a few people, even from the -1 floor (parking), and then went up. Usually, kids get off a floor or two below the actual floor because it isn’t allowed for the students to use the lift (but I’m allowed because apparently being sick has privileges). Well, these Gujarati speaking people had to get off on some place, and there was only me in the lift, along with this guy.

So, a woman asked me what floor it was in Gujarati, and me, being the dummy I am, replied in Hindi telling her I don’t know Gujarati. The guy with me in the lift looks at me with an amused look, and relays the required information in Gujarati.

After the people got off, it was only the two of us in the lift. He asked me if I was new to the city, and if that’s why I don’t know the language. I laughingly reply that I’ve lived here for years, but still haven’t managed to pick up the language. We asked each other what grade we were in, what subjects we were studying, and the like, and by that time, we had come to our floor.

With a slight smile, he told me he’d see me around, to which I nodded, smiling back all the same.

That was so nice – meeting him, I mean. He was polite, tall, and had a really good voice. I’m a sucker for tall guys with good voices (my ex was six feet some inches, with a pretty hot voice, but that wasn’t why I was with him :P), and this guy was my age, and he was quite nice to talk to, considering the fact that I hated my coaching institute, for it was full of dunderheads.

Well, not actually. It had quite a lot of smart people, but what I mean here is, it was filled to the brim with vapid, insipid people. I never really found anyone worth talking to, except people I already knew — like VP and DS. I was actually quite good friends with PJ, but she used to sit with HS, and I hate HS. She’s terrible, and tactless. And annoying. And twice or thrice, I was made fun of for talking to VP in English, and the guy was like, “Bas, hame English nahi aati!” Which is basically Hindi for ‘Stop, we don’t know English.” I felt like saying that yeah, you obviously don’t, but I didn’t, you know why? Because contrary to popular belief, I’m a nice and polite person.

Bottom line is, I didn’t look forward to breaks between classes. At all. I actually didn’t look forward to the classes. Not even a smidge. I used to feel suffocated there.

So, this guy. Wow! A breath of fresh air. I actually didn’t get his name (or his number, for that matter :P), but all we had was that we’d see each other around. I was smiling on the way to my classroom.

When I got to the classroom, five minutes into the class there was an announcement — kids who haven’t received their ID cards, should collect them from the office. So, I was the only one, along with another girl. We made our way to the office, and there’s that guy again! I saw him and he smiled at me, and I smiled back.

It was nice. After that, I never saw him again. Well, that was mostly because I only attended a few classes after that, and then left the institute altogether.

It wasn’t like love at first sight or anything — no. Quite the opposite. It was nice, because I thought he could be interesting company and a potential future friend.

I didn’t even remember all of this, till I saw a guy wearing the shirt on the road, probably waiting for the institute’s transport to pick him up. I then remembered how I used to get late, and then I remembered this. It was quite nice. I wish I had gotten to know him more, but I don’t, really. More than half the times, I tend to make people out to be more than what they are. So, in a way, it was probably for the best.

Also, quite a lot of stuff transpired over the past week, but that’ll be for another post. Be on the lookout!

Love always,
Sky xoxo.

P.S.: I’m so tired of using so many tags and categories! I’m gonna cut down on them.


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