pretty picture,
dirty wall.
dirty conscience,
pretty soul.
light a candle,
find a doll.
it is ugly,
kill it off.


This is disturbing, and I have no idea why. I promise next post will be the usual kind, I think poetry is so not for me. Haha!

Sky xoxo.

P.S.: Got so much to talk about, gosh!


32 thoughts on “Pyromania.

      1. Even though it was a good book, there was (is) a lot of hype over it. Looking for Alaska? Even that is something. Also, Let It Snow is adorable.


      2. I liked that concept too, among others. Especially the one about how people are windows, and not mirrors. I especially liked the underlying concept of how we believe that people are more than what they actually are. But that was it. I didn’t like the book that much. I really didn’t.
        That was one of many examples of me not liking what others do.
        Another example is Mahatma Gandhi.
        Lol, I just finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower (was rereading it). One of my favorites, no doubt!


      3. HAHAHAHA Mahatma Gandhi? xD
        The book has great concepts, they just weren’t delivered well.. but apparently the majority loved it so I guess Green’s doing something right…

        Perks of Being a Wallflower is pretty brilliant

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      4. Yes. Hate him.
        I love that book so, so much! I didn’t know Charlie was molested by Aunt Helen, though. Didn’t even pick it up the first time I read it…


      5. It was right there! I don’t know why I hadn’t picked it up!
        But the book is so great, and me lovez! 😭❀


  1. Me likey😍
    I think you should write poetry more often.
    No matter how many times I try I’m never able to write this kinda poetry, you know, small lines with deep meaning kinda stuff. I always end up writing everything in my mind with a bit of rhyming :p

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    1. Thanks, omg. 😘
      You think I should? I’m not sure if I should, I mean, it’s weird. πŸ˜…
      Your poetry is realllllly good, so I don’t think it matters how one writes, as long as they do. 😁

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