The Spirit Animal Blog Award.

So, one of my amazing blogging friends Shubby, over at Everything and Nothing invented the Spirit Animal Blog Award before she went on a hiatus to study for the much dreaded board exams. Now, she’s sort of returned from the hiatus even though her exams aren’t over yet (I’m looking at you, girl :P) and I came back from my hiatus (which came about because of my finals), and I realized, dang, I still haven’t done this!


She introduced the blog award saying, “It’s an award for the blogs you believe has the most soul and the ability to showcase themselves for who they truly are. 🙂 ” Man, that smiley made my day! Aww, I’m so happy. That was my sort of intention, to have a reflection (of sorts) of myself on here. So, without further ado (what could be more delayed than this post, thought?), here’s the award accepting post!

Okay, the rules are very easy. They go as follows.

  1. Once you’re nominated add the photo to your blog.
  2. Write a short(I mean it could literally be 5 lines) description about yourself and what your blog means to you. Oh and if you were an animal, which animal would you be? (No buzzfeed answers please). I mean seriously, no BuzzFeed. xD
  3. Nominate 10 bloggers for this award.

That’s it! Let’s get crack-a-lackin’. (No idea why I said that.)

Okay, so my blog means a lot to me. This blog is my baby (not really, but you get me, right?) After I don’t even know how many attempts, I finally have a blog I write on, that too regularly (or semi-regularly). I love this blog, and I think that is obvious from the amount of time I spend on beautifying it, trying to make it look as pretty as I feel it is. The prettiness is supposed to be a metaphor of sorts, so it is okay if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Well, a description of me? I keep blathering on and on about myself in every post, so I’m gonna skip on all of that. I’m trying to detoxify, and I am starting this thing where I am going to try and be more in control of my life. I am naturally optimistic, but have started being really pessimistic lately, so I wanna work on that. I wanna work on myself and be the best that I possibly can be, and hence, that is what I’m gonna do now! Also, as I’ve mentioned in my About – I seriously have no idea what I talk about on here or what I wanna talk about. I’m actually a pretty random person (sometimes much too colorful and bright, haha), and that is why I’m not going to limit my blog to a particular kind of something. It is going to be a… interesting, let’s say, sort of ride, which is going to be full of gloomy clouds (working on that), colors, and of course, love.

And the animal I would identify myself as… Mmhm, tough. I actually asked a couple of people about what animal they would identify myself with, and I got some pretty cool answers.

My boyfriend said Dove (which makes sense, because I’m a pacifist most of the time), a good sort of friend said Horse (which makes no sense whatsoever, but it does kind of make sense because you know how horses will never step on you once you’ve fallen off of them? Yep, same metaphorical logic can be applied to me, as I’m not the kind of person to make you miserable during an already sad stretch of time). I don’t remember what the others said. Okay.

The animal I would identify myself with has to be a cat. Cats are (I don’t know why), but sort of like an acquired taste. I have a lot of dog lovers for friends, and a lot of them hate cats. With a passion. I believe this occasion calls for the attachment of the following picture. I was looking for another, but couldn’t find it. So, yeah. Anyway, I didn’t care much for cats myself, either, but thought they were cute… Till my sister got one, and I fell in love! So, the point I’m trying to make? I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. Yeah, I can hold conversations with like 89.7% of the people, but doesn’t mean they like me (or I like them). I’m also really, really prone to mood swings, and needless to say, get very grumpy very fast. (Grumpy cat, me is looking at you.)

So, I guess that’s why I identify myself as a cat.

I think that’s all I can manage, anyway!

So, nominations. Ding, ding!

  1. The Fundamental Mayhem.
  2. MyPersonalTeenLife.
  3. New Romantics.
  4. Too Many Feelings.
  5. Poeticice.
  6. My Crazy Life
  7. Smiles Here & Smiles There.

Isn’t 7 considered lucky by some? If that’s the case, then let’s be badass and break a few rules. (Sorry Shubby, I suck with nominations. :P)

And I know Udit is busy with his boards, but when you see this (if ever, yo), YOU GOTTA DO THIS. Okay? K. Also, Muskan, and maybe even Gaurav. Wow, that makes it ten, anyway…

Okay, so signing off.

The song to hear is Cherry Wine by Hozier. My, my, that man is a poet.

Love as always,
Sky xoxo.

P.S.: Thank you for letting me do this, Shubby!




She matters.

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-The Beginning-

I am Sameer. Oops! (S)Ameer.

No no ; not the guy who cries watching Taare Zameen Par.

Neither the one who cannot stop thinking about the new neighbor who smiled at him yesterday. Yes, he thinks she is pretty but I think she is out of his league. Well, we will see about that later.

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