Yes, I’m a feminist. But…

On the occasion of Women’s Day…
Though I’m not sure how Women’s Day quite fits in with this. However, THIS!
(This needs to be preached. Yes. Yes, it does.)



Hockey is said to be the national game of India, but I strongly believe to that there is an immediate need to bring about a change. Jumping should be made our national sport. Because we as Indians love to jump to conclusions without giving it a rational thought. And this jumping is highly prevalent when it comes to feminism. We just love to always blame the man without even knowing the facts. And this worries me.

Feminism can be aptly defined as the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes but as per the current scenario there is a clear visibility of the first part but the second and the more important one is missing. We are talking about uplifting the womenfolk but we are in that forgetting about the Y chromosome. We are at a stage in the society where men are considered…

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