First Day of Senior Year.

Okay, I beg forgiveness for yet another unforeseen hiatus. I know I am terrible at this regularly posting thing, but to be very honest, I have had a ton of stuff going on in the recent times.

So, as the post might suggest ( :P), today was my first day of twelfth grade. Some others may know it as Senior Year.

So, woah. I am in twelfth grade now. In a year’s time, I would be applying to colleges all over everywhere, and praying that I get accepted in a half decent place. Also sitting for competitive exams (which does not make a lot of sense, because… all I wanna do, is study a normal biology bachelor’s course. I am not sure, but I do not think many colleges have entrance exams for that…)

Moving on.

We had an extremely hectic day; with double chemistry, math, physics, double math (3 math periods in a day – dead), and chemistry practicals. It was not that bad, but it was still super hectic, and I hate the fact that I will have to push myself harder than ever before. I joined classes for chem and physics (I used to go for math in eleventh), but I am not sure if I should continue. I mean, should I just study by myself? Would that be okay? I don’t know, and that is really sad.

This is just a normal post, sort of like a What’s Happening In My Life Right Now post. I do hope to bounce back in the blogging game, and will try to post at least once or twice a week. I do have some ideas for posts, so that should be nice. I have a lot of things I can talk about.

I should probably sign off now, seeing as I have to sleep. I am going to wake up early tomorrow and study. This is all for today, goodnight folks! (Or whatever is appropriate for your timezone!)

Loads of love,
Sky xoxo.

P.S.: I am thinking of starting a new thing where I list new songs I have found throughout the week and have added to my music library. I will probably post it immediately after this, as I have found several cool songs in the past few days! I always get excited when I discover new artists and songs, but sometimes am sad when my friends do not share the same enthusiasm for it like I do. Perhaps somebody else on here might!



44 thoughts on “First Day of Senior Year.

  1. My dad was hectic as well! I slept at 4, woke up at 7, and went out with friends, laughed at our juniors when we passed by the school, and then sat online and became a lazy potato.
    Jealous, Sky? 🙂
    P.S. – Looking forward to the music.
    P. P.S. – Drop Math. Last chance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your comments are the best. 😛
      I am jealous, yes, but I am not really sure…
      The music is up!
      I can’t. Won’t give up now. Can’t be seen as a quitter on top of being an idiot. 😐

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will make up an award for that very statement now. Just you wait.
        Well, yeah.
        I don’t wanna die before school is over.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. My poetry skills are nonexistent. I have no idea why I even try to write poetry.😂
        Banter is extremely flirtatious, yes. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yay, virtual twins!
        Sure, sure. Just tell me when and where. I will bring the booze, you get the weed (and food, I want pizza).


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