Exactly One Week Later…

… you are still face to face with the new (sort of) twelfth grader who still finds it very difficult to believe that this is her last year of school, after which she will have to go to college. Oh god. Horrifying thought.

On an almost same level of horror is the way our school teachers are pushing us! Triple Physics! Triple Chemistry! This is because the math sir has gone for checking board papers, and the checking process won’t get over at least for another week, and the English teacher is out of the country (she still completed a few chapters before she left, we had English classes just a day after our finals ended – YES, I KNOW!).

So, while it is highly obvious that I’m completely spent, I am going to enlist all of my tasks for today and the weekend that follows:

  • Physics: 1. Complete the numericals of the first chapter.
    2. Study the first chapter for the test on Monday.
  • Chemistry: 1. Complete the exercises of the first chapter.
    2. Study the first chapter for the test on Tuesday.
    3. Complete practical notebook.
  • Math: 1. Complete the exercises of the third chapter in the notebook.
  • Biology: 1. Read up on specific topics.

As one can clearly see, I have my hands full. I was up till three this morning, trying to do physics numericals [(stopped when I reached the 16th problem) total were 24].

Well, I am trying to stay on top of my work, and so far, I clearly have my shit together far more than I did in eleventh (TOUCHWOOD). I am hoping to be more efficient, and get lots of studying and practice done, because I need it!

I also bought reference books for math and physics, because I need to practice both really, really well. While I don’t suck very, very much in physics, I am terrible at numericals (’cause math), and need to work on that. Which is why, unlike 11th grade, I have made it my mission to always solve textbook questions once the chapter is done at school, and do extra practice whenever I get time (like on the weekends). The math book is giving me the heebie-jeebies, as it is just a smidge thicker than the Deathly Hallows (but that was something I liked, and this is, well, math). But, but! THIS IS JUST ONE VOLUME! Ugh, it gives me a panic attack.

I had quite a good day at math tuition today, much to my surprise. I could easily do the questions set us by sir, and the two boy wonders finished after me! While I know that is an extremely mean thing to say or think, I have always felt bad about my inability to do math. It does not help that these two guys are so good at math. However, this year, one of my best friends from school also joined class! While she is almost like me at the subject, she is really good with this chapter, which leaves me the weakest kid.

Today was pretty good! My friend RS (who’s an OC member for a MUN happening in my city), had come with other MUN people to give an orientation of sorts to the kids at my school, which ensured that we got two periods free. The next two periods were Chemistry Practicals, but there was some problem with the Sodium Thiosulphate solution we were using in the experiment, so ma’am suggested we do another experiment (Salt Aanalysis to be precise), but everybody groaned and whined so loud, we got a free period instead! The first four periods were boring – double chem, doubly phy. That was all for school, today.

After I go off from here, I will go complete an exercise in math, followed by the chemistry practical notebook. I will sleep after finishing physics homework, and after doing a few questions in chemistry. Guess I won’t be going to bed anytime soon!

Sky xoxo.

P.S.: In the space of one week, I have also finished an anime series, finished a half of another, and read maybe two stories online. Yes, me is great. :3
P.P.S.: If you are a resident of India, and have nothing better to do in June but still want to spend it semi-productively, please do make it a point to check out the site for the MUN I was talking about. All details are available on their Facebook page. Please check it out! While not originally meant to be a sponsored post, it has totally become one… for this, RS, I demand to be paid in full (in pizza, of course).
P.P.P.S.: Have a good day/night! x





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