Teachers Worth Gold.

We once had this period in school, called Resource Center. Obviously wasn’t a proper subject, it was a part of the co-scholastic areas, but yes, we did get a grade for that and it was mentioned in an obscure part of the report card, but you know, it mattered.

I joined this school in the seventh grade, and am now in the twelfth. The teacher who took this period left school at the end of my ninth grade. She is now the head of the English department at another school.

Well, let me explain what we did in this period. Here, we were given assignments that taught us to look deep within ourselves, to think out of the box, and to basically make us think in a nonconforming manner. We were encouraged to write from the heart, and put time into our assignments. At the end of each year, the best assignments would be displayed beautifully on the main boards – that are the soft boards lining the main lobby’s wall.

As one can imagine, making the board was a DREAM. The teacher was quite picky, and quite fussy – I want this like this, that in that way… It was a lot of hard work just penning down the perfect piece! And after your writing was selected, she would tell you what to change and what not to. Basically, help you with the editing process. And once that was done, she’ll tell you how the final thing should look like. OR, if you already have ideas about that, you’ll need to run them by her. There was this thing about her though, she always wanted computer fonts for the heading. It was weird. Well, can’t say much on that. Thanks to all that, I write really good Times New Roman. Anyway, she was quite helpful when it came to helping us out. She would give us hints, so that we could come up with the answers on our own.

Now, she was a no-nonsense sort of person. I know she might sound like a pretty cool person (which she totally was), but she was also very mean. I remember her scolding people for things they never did (ME ESPECIALLY), and I remember disliking her a lot and even crying once or twice because of her. She was quite loud and rude, and really obnoxious at times, and she was disliked by more than 75% of the student population.

But you know why I liked her?

She had the ability to see the raw, unpolished potential in you. It did not matter if you sucked at writing (I know I did), because you could always take suggestions on how to make your writing better. She identified writers in the sense that they knew what writing was about, even if they did not realize that at that moment in time.

And you know, that is just it. Writing is not merely scratches on wood. Writing is not just about stringing words nobody has ever heard together in complex formations. On the contrary, writing is everything. The coolest thing is, it is unique to every person. Writing is taking that one single idea and turning it into a beautiful arrangement of a few thousand words. Writing is transforming the mundane of the everyday mess and into the hip and fast paced chaos of the occasional. Writing is imagining that intense emotion, and making people who read it, feel it too.

Anyway, this teacher prized a select few students. They were her favorites, primarily because they did not take the assignments with a pinch of salt, they actually put some thought into doing it.

I miss her, I do. But also, I don’t. It’s just that you look back and think, oh, that person was not all that much, but they were something. And yes, she was something. She made me believe I could write something worth reading. And let me tell you – having a piece written by you up there for everyone to see – well, it is everything.

So, for that, I thank her. And with this, I sign off for today.

Sky, xoxo.

P.S.: Yes, she was also the one who signed me up for the workshop on journalism with the Times of India that started my whole reporting for the newspapers shebang.


The Miranda Sings Award!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was nominated for the Miranda Sings award by the awesome Shubby a very long time ago (sorry about that), and I have decided to finally sit down and do this.

First and foremost, a thank you to the amazing Shubby, she’s so great, ARGH, she’s awesome. Check her out if you haven’t yet, her posts are so cool.

Anyway, let’s get on with this award! The rules are so:

* Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who nominated you. Done!

* Include the featured image on your blog post. Done below!

* Nominate 10 bloggers (or as many as you can think of) and link your awardees in the post.

* List 7 things you love about yourself (This can be about your appearance, your personality, your achievements, etc.)

* Don’t use negative connotation. (I.e. Don’t say things like – I’m prettier than an average person or People have told me I’m smart. You ARE pretty. You ARE smart.)

Yay, let’s begin!


Seven things about myself… I feel like I keep talking about me all the time, which does make sense because this is a blog focused on what shit I do in my life, but still… *poker face*

  1. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I’m pretty obsessive and at times. I don’t like it when my food runs into each other on my plate, and by chance it happens, mom sees me face, sighs, and gets me a new plate and serves me food then. 😐 Also, I must, MUST make my bed before I sleep. I dust it off, brush away the wrinkles and creases, put the pillows in an orderly manner, and lay out the sheets. Even when I am sleeping somewhere else and not at home. 😐
  2. I don’t like letting my hair out very often. It gets very hot very quickly, and I’d rather put my hair up in a messy bun at home, rather than have it down and get everywhere, in my face or eyes. I get very annoyed. (When we were hanging out the other day, I had my hair down when me and the boyfriend were kissing, okay, and my hair was getting everywhere! I was getting frustrated, and he was laughing! How mean!) This is weird, because almost all the girls I know, love hanging out in their PJs with their hair let down. I don’t. I think it’s work, and too HOT I NEED THE AC.
  3. I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I can’t cook, I can draw decent and paint average and sketch good-ish, I can read slightly faster than average, I have an empty wine bottle on my desk, my biology teacher told mum that my diagrams are the best in class, I suck at physics practicals, I have thigh high converse boots which I’ve never worn, I own only one pair of heels, I love the colors black and some shades of blue, I get on better with people older to me in contrast to people younger than me, and I love pizza.
  4. I don’t really have a sweet tooth. I can eat candy and chocolate, but not many desserts. After two or three bites, I feel like I’ve had wayyyy too much. Also, I don’t like white chocolate and dark chocolate.
  5. I’ve tasted quite a bit of alcoholic stuff, and I just don’t see why people like it! It is so bitter!
  6. I am what one might call a worrier. I worry about the most trivial things. I asked my friends if they would still be friends with me even if I failed the math test for the chapter I did not study. I am also a bit dramatic. 😐
  7. I own the absolutely bare minimum in makeup, okay? But I love watching makeup tutorials by all these YouTubers, like makeup hacks, how to apply your eyeliner, contouring, etc. I’m really weird, because I would probably never use these tips. But, you know. Something to do. 😐

Well, here it is! Something to laugh about, I am sure. Do tell me if you laughed. I laugh at myself all the time (though it usually transforms to crying at myself… LOL, okay), so please, do tell me if you did, as well. 🙂



Yay, I’m so cool, everybody must hate me. Oops… Basically, do it. It’s fun, you get to think about yourself, and you can also make yourself feel better about the fact that you can apply better lipstick than Miranda in the picture. Okay? Yay!

I think I just need some sleep, I have class tomorrow, anyway.

So, okay, signing off for the night,
Sky, xoxo.


Stupidity, and Then Some.

After being badgered by the ever motivating Gaurav, I decided to finally write another post, so, hey!

Stuff that has happened so far… Um.

The summer holidays have begun. I came down with viral only a day after school was let out. So, I’ve been sick all week. Heh, boring. So, you see why I’ve been absent from writing about random stuff? I have quite a large amount of drafts I started yet never finished, owing to school. We have finished three chapters each in physics, chemistry, biology, and math. In less than a month. Let’s not consider English, because we had English for 12th grade start right after finals for 11th got over, because our teacher was going to be out of state for the month of April.

Anyway, we have a lot of work to do for the holidays, and since I decided to study for and give the SATs anyway, I would need to do that, too. And right when my holidays end, there’s some scientific internship/workshop I am going to. More about that later, I’m actually really excited about it! And then when June ends, there’s a MUN I’m looking forward to, primarily because it is the last MUN I’ll go to till my twelfth grade’s over. I feel as if me being sick is the only time I’m really going to have where I do nothing all day, because once I get okay, I need to study up on what has already been taught, and do extra studying and practice, especially in math and physics. I also need to chalk out a rough routine, giving some time to texting people, studying, and blogging.

I feel as if even if I cut down on my texting, I should not cut down on my blogging, primarily because I need something to fall back on, yes?

So, lately I have been getting really fucking annoyed and angry. People are so stupid! And I okay, I do get that not everyone can be smart, I GET THAT! But why do you have to be so stupid, GOD! It’s not even real, actual stupidity, it is just being a dunce on purpose. I’ll tell you what happened the other day, in physics class.

So, ma’am started the topic of cells and emf. Emf stands for electromotive force, and when ma’am asked somebody to give the full form of emf, four to five people said the thing not once, but three-four times. Then, this guy, who was doodling on the last bench, raises his head and says, “What, emf? Electromagnetic function?”

So many people gave the answer so many times.Still? And the full form was given in the first paragraph under this topic in the textbook. Still, no. We want to be dumb, we will be dumb.

Anyway, as I am chewing watermelon flavored gum, I am thinking of what to do now. This post is nearing  five hundred words, which is sort of funny, because I don’t remember typing that much. Funny.

I usually don’t watch movies, (primarily because I don’t have time…), but two days ago, I watched three in a day. I saw Forrest Gump, Gone Girl, and Inglourious Basterds. I had fun!

Anyway, I got nominated for the Miranda Sings award a vey long time ago, so that is what I’m going to do after this post. I do hope to be regular, but it is slightly hard to do so.

I will try to, though!

Sky. xoxo

P.S.: I can write posts all day, but putting tags and categories on them is something I feel very lazy about.