Stupidity, and Then Some.

After being badgered by the ever motivating Gaurav, I decided to finally write another post, so, hey!

Stuff that has happened so far… Um.

The summer holidays have begun. I came down with viral only a day after school was let out. So, I’ve been sick all week. Heh, boring. So, you see why I’ve been absent from writing about random stuff? I have quite a large amount of drafts I started yet never finished, owing to school. We have finished three chapters each in physics, chemistry, biology, and math. In less than a month. Let’s not consider English, because we had English for 12th grade start right after finals for 11th got over, because our teacher was going to be out of state for the month of April.

Anyway, we have a lot of work to do for the holidays, and since I decided to study for and give the SATs anyway, I would need to do that, too. And right when my holidays end, there’s some scientific internship/workshop I am going to. More about that later, I’m actually really excited about it! And then when June ends, there’s a MUN I’m looking forward to, primarily because it is the last MUN I’ll go to till my twelfth grade’s over. I feel as if me being sick is the only time I’m really going to have where I do nothing all day, because once I get okay, I need to study up on what has already been taught, and do extra studying and practice, especially in math and physics. I also need to chalk out a rough routine, giving some time to texting people, studying, and blogging.

I feel as if even if I cut down on my texting, I should not cut down on my blogging, primarily because I need something to fall back on, yes?

So, lately I have been getting really fucking annoyed and angry. People are so stupid! And I okay, I do get that not everyone can be smart, I GET THAT! But why do you have to be so stupid, GOD! It’s not even real, actual stupidity, it is just being a dunce on purpose. I’ll tell you what happened the other day, in physics class.

So, ma’am started the topic of cells and emf. Emf stands for electromotive force, and when ma’am asked somebody to give the full form of emf, four to five people said the thing not once, but three-four times. Then, this guy, who was doodling on the last bench, raises his head and says, “What, emf? Electromagnetic function?”

So many people gave the answer so many times.Still? And the full form was given in the first paragraph under this topic in the textbook. Still, no. We want to be dumb, we will be dumb.

Anyway, as I am chewing watermelon flavored gum, I am thinking of what to do now. This post is nearing  five hundred words, which is sort of funny, because I don’t remember typing that much. Funny.

I usually don’t watch movies, (primarily because I don’t have time…), but two days ago, I watched three in a day. I saw Forrest Gump, Gone Girl, and Inglourious Basterds. I had fun!

Anyway, I got nominated for the Miranda Sings award a vey long time ago, so that is what I’m going to do after this post. I do hope to be regular, but it is slightly hard to do so.

I will try to, though!

Sky. xoxo

P.S.: I can write posts all day, but putting tags and categories on them is something I feel very lazy about.


5 thoughts on “Stupidity, and Then Some.

  1. Hey, I read a post. How about that?
    You making such rigorous routines makes me feel like an unproductive piece of shit. It’s okay though, that’s how I normally feel, no biggie.
    I agree with the tag thing, putting on tags is such a tideous job, ugh.

    Liked by 1 person

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