I figure I should apologize to the God of Blogging (if there ever was one) for being away from the job for quite some while. I have been simply too busy, and have therefore ended up with half-assed drafts deemed unfit for publication by the judgement of yours truly.

As I currently write this, I am also pretending to complete and bring my physics notes up to date. Mom thinks I have finally sat down to study, but little does she know I’ve been itching to get my fingers on this keyboard that I adore so very much (and it shows, too – the laptop has probably turned two already, and I guess looks younger than its years – but the keys, oh, the keys, give it away.) and finally.

I knew I was supposed to update the blog on all the things I have been up to in the past couple of days, but, eh. Posts on them are on the way. There will be two or three posts, I’m not actually sure.

As for this post, I have nothing much to contribute as of now, so I will mention that I started Game of Thrones this day last week, and I’m currently on the 4th episode of the 4th season. Which is a lot of watching. xD

In my defence, it is SO addictive, OH MY GOD. I had watched the first season when I was in tenth grade, but had to put it off because my midterms had come, and then it was serious studying for the boards, so yeah. I have planned that GoT will be the last thing I watch, as in a series or TV or anything, because then I’ll sit down for some serious studying. As such, I have stopped watching TV. No appeal anymore. The only reason my laptop is always on now is because I sneak me some GoT whenever I have a few minutes handy.

Also, the most interesting thing happened this past Wednesday.

We were not doing anything in practicals, so our biology teacher said we could study or do anything that we wanted. So, I settled for studying for the test that was due the next day, punctuated by some cpnversation with classmates and the teacher.

This conversation though:

RR: Ma’am, did you know that Sky* wants to study microbiology after twelfth?
Ma’am: It is a good subject, so why not?
Me: Ma’am, that’s not it. I find microbiology interesting, but that’s not what I HAVE to study. I find the entirety of biology interesting, I can study anything, except botany. You know I don’t like plants. *cue me chuckling awkwardly* I did find biotechnology quite interesting, so can take that up also.
Ma’am: *Smiles* Biotech is quite good, you can do it. And I know you genuinely like biology, one can clearly see that.
Me: *’Gobsmacked’ is the only word which describes the tone of voice and facial expression I had employed into use* Ma’am, how?
Ma’am: Why, you get the highest marks in class, for one!
Me: But ma’am, marks are not an accurate representation of one’s likes or dislikes, are they?
Ma’am: That is there. But you’re always the first one to sign up for workshops and seminars, and one can very clearly see the excitement on your face when we do experiments or learn something new, and interesting.
Me: *had been reduced into a blushing mess* Oh, alright ma’am.

So, that was that. My biology teacher knows for real that I love biology. That is a nice feeling. I don’t know, it just is. Feels really good when people acknowledge your zest for something.

Anyway, song suggestions:

-Talk Me Down – Troye Sivan.
All I Need – Radiohead.
Magnetised – Tom Odell.
War of Hearts – Ruelle.

That is it for today!

Much love,
Sky xoxo.