When programs or applications ask me for things, they usually ask me to respond by selecting one of the following replies: Yes/Sure/Allow It or No/Never Ask Me Again. I mean, I really wanted Chrome to be my default browser, but whenever I select Chrome to be it instead of Microsoft Edge, the Action Center tells me that there was a problem and my default browser has been reset to Microsoft Edge.

Nevertheless, selecting ‘Never Ask Me Again’ feels a lot like chastising a little kid for asking too many questions again. Similar to the way a little frown and big, teary eyes on the face of a kid less than half your size makes you feel after you were the one who blew up on them, this made me feel really bad the first time this happened, which was when I finally got over my fear of losing all my files and downloaded Windows 10. That was when I tinkered around with the settings. Now, I tried to switch to Microsoft Edge, and got ready for it, too – I imported my stuff into Edge from Chrome! However, when I went to open Inbox (which I prefer to Gmail), it said that my browser does not yet support Inbox. The tragedy! I adore Inbox, and would rather use a non default browser all the time than be stuck with Gmail.

I tried changing the defaults again. An error showed up, again. Then, when I restarted Chrome after this mess, it asked me to make it my default browser (poor thing). When I had to select ‘Never Ask Me Again’, I felt so bad.

I know many of those who read this will be questioning my sanity. Don’t worry, I am as well.

I am very strict about things and their neatness. At school, when the teachers teach something, how do you usually pay attention? Some might take notes, and look at the white/blackboard. I usually look at the teacher and take notes on the side of the textbook paragraphs, because most of the things they say are given in the textbook, and they don’t teach extra because the board exams stick strictly to the textbook. We do have to do derivations in physics in the notebooks, because they aren’t given so well in the textbook.

Anyway, sometimes, the outline of the diagrams and the colours in them aren’t printed so well… and it looks untidy. For five minutes, I was getting irked by a diagram, when I finally gave up and turned the page to distract myself. It was getting on my nerves!

Another example is when I do my practical files. I think I have erased out things on the blank page as many as five times SIMPLY because they weren’t in the centre of the page. Just some mild crazily insane things I do. 🙂

I saw the movie ‘Rustom’ yesterday. It stars Akshay Kumar, Ileana D’Cruz, Esha Gupta, and some other people whose names I do not remember. I found it to be a good movie, and I was thinking I might post a review. I don’t know. I also got my datesheet for the first term exams, and it is one fucking nightmare.

More details later. I need to go, study now.

Much love,
Sky xoxo.

P.S.: My dog likes (loves?) laddoos.


Greasiness and Moodiness.

Do you know how you mean to wash your hair, but you keep procrastinating it, whilst feeling the greasiness all over your hands as you make your hair each day? How you don’t intentionally delay the process at the end of which your hair will feel like new again, you’re just too lazy to actually get down to doing it?

Now that I have finally done so, I can’t help but run my hands through my silky soft hair. This is not as normal or non-terrible as it may seem, for very many reasons. Number one. I was and am supposed to be studying right now, but the itch that possesses my hand every now and then has reared its beautifully ugly head, and me, with my almost nonexistent self-control and will power have found myself in front of the laptop again.

That in itself is not that bad a thing; rather, it gives me an opportunity to stretch my fingers. Perhaps what makes it all the worse is how I am not studying for the approaching exams. Days are passing me by in a blur. Why, it felt like only yesterday that the school year started. All of a sudden, I have been thrust into a world where you’re expected to be smart and responsible and a future seer, all at once.

I am looking up colleges, studying for tests, studying from an exam point of view, and juggling between health issues, nearly all the time. I am exhausted, and of course, have the omnipresent moodiness to show for it.

I do not know when this will end, to be honest with you. On some level, I don’t think I want it to end; for it ending will mean the end of life as a schoolgirl, and being a college girl does not sound nearly as much fun. Add in the fact how I am not sure what course I should study, and you’ve got an explosive mix on your hands which goes by my name. (That’s not all the reasons. Add in math being a bully.)

Some good news includes how I finally tackled my fear of the second chapter in my math textbook; Inverse Trigonometric Functions. I sat down and did the examples, followed by the Miscellaneous Exercise (which is at the end of every chapter and is basically a set of questions which are there basically to check your understanding of the chapter. They also contain questions which are usually more difficult and a level higher than all the other exercises of the chapter.)

I will unfortunately have to stop here, for biology is calling my name. I need to study Translation, the Human Genome Project, and DNA Fingerprinting, the last few topics in the sixth chapter in the textbook, i.e. Moleculecular Basis of Inheritance. After studying this, I think I might read the next chapter, i.e. Evolution. After that, I have to study math. That’s a fair bit of work, I suppose.

I think I will try to post short posts every day. Not to spam, lol. Rather, because the whole process is quite therapeutic. I suppose writing was always soothing for me, but something about letting go of daily frustrations without actually giving yourself away is strangely beautiful.

Song for today is Staying Up by The Neighbourhood.

Much love,
Sky xoxo.




Personally, I haven’t paid much thought to what happens after we die. While it is sad to think we will fade away into nothingness – what a waste of the person you were. All your hopes, your dreams, achievements… nothing will ensure the continuity of what you embodied as one of the living.

My god, that does suck, doesn’t it?

Now, the pleasanter alternative: be religious and believe in a higher power, commonly called God (or millions of Gods, if you’re Hindu). You’ll get a one way ticket to either a luxurious stay in Heaven if you’ve been nice, or a less than ideal one in Hell if you’ve been naughty. The joy. Some divine all knowing power, passing judgement on your deeds.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to get into religion. 

The thing is, despite knowing that the circle of life does not make exceptions for anybody, despite knowing Valar Morghulis (somebody please stop me when my GoT references become annoying), it’s still such a shock when somebody passes away. Even more so, when it’s somebody you know.

Life in itself is so sudden and shocking, it presents you with surprises and jolts along the way. The only difference is in how you perceive it, and well, the frequency in which said shocks are being administered to you.

Last Friday, while I was going to Chemistry class, I witnessed an accident. A girl took a sharp right turn while she was driving at quite a high speed, and her scooter skidded. She fell, and her head directly hit the road, and then her vehicle fell on top of her. She wasn’t wearing a helmet. 

People were already crowding, trying to help. They picked up her scooter, and tried to help her up, but she was trembling violently, and seemed to be in between consciousness. Mom dropped me off, and then went home. Mom later told me that she probably sustained a really bad head injury, because she was foaming at the mouth, and was unconscious.

An ambulance was called shortly afterwards, so I suppose that was okay. 

But imagine being on the way to your home, or maybe class, and then being injured so badly you don’t even know what’s happening or where you are (or for that matter, not knowing anything because you’re unconscious).

Everything is so sudden.

My grandfather was well and good, when one day he fell in the bathroom and sustained a major head injury. Subdural hemorrhage, I think it was. I don’t know. Nobody told me the details, but I gathered as much. Soon after, he passed away. He was unconscious in the hospital for maybe ten days before it happened. 

It still strikes me, the suddenness of it all. Just the next month, he was going to visit us, him and my grandmother. He was quite healthy for a man of his age. I’m just sad I never got to tell him how amazing he was and how much I appreciated him teaching me chess – and that I wished I’d paid more attention, because my chess skills are still pretty basic. 

This wasn’t supposed to be a sad post, but I’m sad now, goddammit. 

I loved him, and he was great. I hope he knew that, even though it probably doesn’t matter now. Why, what does the affection of your grandchild mean when you’re ashes in the ground? 

I think the point of the post was to motivate myself to live a complete life. So that even if I get five minutes of consciousness before I die, I don’t want to spend them regretting not doing something. Cats may have nine lives, and Hinduism might boast of seven lives, and other faiths may talk of reincarnation too, but from where I stand, it is all quite skeptical. I don’t want to leave it to chance. (For one, how do I know I’m not going to hell?)

I’m going to end this post by advising all of you to drive safely and wear helmets while driving. 🙂


Sky xoxo.




From weheartit. On looking it up, Google said this is a picture of pernicious anemia blood cells; but I think this is a picture of some jellyfish with a red filter.


The red colour of your sheets, when you are expecting a lover.

The dark red of the wine, you pour for him in a long fluted crystal.

The vibrant, bright red which caresses your lips with its glossy texture.

The dark, unforgiving red that courses through your veins, and stains your hands.

Another lifetime in red, to have loved and lost.


Something I wrote a while ago.

Sky xoxo.