Reincarnation. Kind of. Includes College Talk.


I’ve been away from the Blogosphere for what feels like an eternity (gosh), but I’ve had good reasons for the very same.

I had my twelfth standard board exams, I had entrance exams(still do, actually), I had college interviews, I had doctor visits, I had to binge watch TV shows, and I had to sleep like a sedated person. I was also in the middle of shifting houses, so that took up a lot of time. Believe it or not, it has been over a week, and we’re still not quite settled in.

As for education stuff, speculation suggests that the results will be out by the end of May, which is… pretty sad. I was happy when exams ended, vowing to not think about the results for even a minute. But suddenly, it’s the 6th of May? News articles suggest the board will have 12th grade results by the 24th. OF MAY. Why? As soon as they get released, college admissions will begin full fledgedly.

College is an entirely different headache.

I had an exam in another city, it consisted of writing essays (that was the entrance exam), followed by a personal interview. They weren’t quite happy with the fact that I went from being a high scorer in tenth to an average student in eleventh. I explained my health issues and stuff, but I think they weren’t okay with that or something, because my written thing went quite well. Anyway, the very evening of the exam, I got a message saying that I wasn’t selected. And it was fine, really – but it still saddened me quite a bit.

Anyway, I had another exam the very next day of returning to my city. It also involved an essay question, followed by a MCQ patterned test for my program. I finished my essay and the questions (about 60 in total) well before the allotted time. But hey, if it says I am supposed to ‘write an essay in about 300 words’, I am not going to write two full pages. I will adhere to the word limit. Also, the questions were rather easy. We had two and a half hours for the test, and I was finished about an hour before the time limit ended.

Now, the funny thing was, that the guy who was invigilator for the essay thing, was also the one who would be our interviewer. There were two kids appearing for a BA program, and so they didn’t have the written exam, just the essay. By the time they got done with their interviews, I was done with my exam. The guy came in, was surprised upon finding out that I was finished with my test (more surprised than he was when he found I finished my essay early), and told me to come for the interview, adding that this meant that I’d get free way earlier than he’d told my father who’d dropped me at the venue in the morning. Obviously, I told him it was no big deal.

Anyway, the guy was one of those very friendly, young and jovial professors, always smiling and laughing and being nice, and I found it was easy to smile and answer his questions. Funnily enough, I was not at all nervous for the interview, however I did become a bit too brutally honest at times, which I later cringed at. Anyway, he asked me a few questions, the generic why this university, why this course, where do you see yourself ten years from now, you know, run of the mill stuff.

I must say, I cheated a bit and peeped at the form he was writing on, and I saw that he had recommended me for admission. What’s more, he told me he loved my attitude and confidence, and he was very sure that I’d be very successful and go far in life (at which I was a laughingly blushing mess), and I thanked him profusely for his words, of course. But it didn’t end there. He told me to go to the office to submit the documents they had asked me to bring with me, and when they were copying my form number, they were impressed at the fact that I remembered the number. Both of them, the lady sitting in her office, and this nice professor, looked up at me in surprise. I was like “Yeah,” when they asked if I really did remember the number. Anyway, the woman asked me a few questions too, and she seemed impressed too.

But I loved the guy, really. He was so cool. I swear, if this university has professors like this teaching the subjects in my program, I’d go there in a heartbeat. Anyway, the test was shit easy too, so I suppose that helped.

But these are just two things. As a frequent visitor of my blog might know, I studied science (physics, chemistry, biology) and math in 11th and 12th, so I can do both engineering and medicine. I didn’t give the engineering entrance as it clashed with my biology board exam, and I haven’t really studied for the medical entrance, which is on Sunday. The fact that I had PCMB was also impressive to these people (and by that point I was like what kind of kids do they deal with on a daily basis to find me good).

Anyway, my biggest issue with both these colleges were that they never once looked at my thick file of certificates that I had unknowingly gathered over the years to make me look good in college interviews. Like, really. I even asked them if they would just flip through.

Anyway, I got into the second college, but apparently it’s an average college. And since I plan to study abroad for my Masters (hopefully, that is), I want to at least go to a decent enough college so as to not have too many problems on that front.

Not much is new, apart from this. I was watching some GoT related stuff on YouTube, and before I knew, I was watching fan made Loras+Renly videos, and I was struck with how much I really adored those two. Sad, sad life.

I was also reminded of how fucking gorgeous Ben Barnes fucking is. Honestly.

I also am in need of a new phone, and new earphones. I apparently broke them uthlessly. But I promise it was an accident.

Sky xoxo.

P.S.: I am studying Spanish seriously (on Duolingo).
I also emailed this person, offering to volunteer for this Non Profit Organisation. The best thing? I just need to write for them. Which I can do from home. Score? I’m yet to hear back from them, but I am excited.
I was also on the verge of joining cooking classes, but I decided to stick with Spanish. I am also looking forward to college.
I’m going a little crazy.
I hate when you’re older and you understand things better. I wish I was an idiot (literally, I mean the IQ classification thing) and didn’t get everything I heard. Fun fact, my IQ is above 140, and that is supposed to be genius or near genius. Also, I don’t know if I mentioned this, but in our farewell party, the juniors gave me the tag of the intelligent one, and I was (read: still am) not able to comprehend just why they did that. Anyway, VV scolded me for being self-deprecating in the middle of the party and was like you know that grades don’t explain one’s intelligence and that I’m one of the smartest people she knows and that I should shut up.

So, I did.

Also, what a long post script. Oops.




6 thoughts on “Reincarnation. Kind of. Includes College Talk.

  1. Haha this was a lot of fun to read, because I can see myself in exactly your place in a year from now. Giving NEET, and college interviews and binge watching shows which tbh I still do. Except, I have been learning French for three years now and a few bits here and there but other than that, Thanks for the warning. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you found it fun! And er, informative, haha! All the best for next year!
      As for binge watching shows, one of my greatest achievements of 12th grade was that I finished six seasons of Game of Thrones in a fortnight. School was on. And in full swing. Haha!


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