Results and Things.

So, the board my school is affiliated to (CBSE), released the results of 12th standard’s boards on Sunday, i.e., the 28th of May. I spent my time being a wreck from Tuesday to Sunday. Why? Because the results were apparently going to come out on the 24th (Wednesday), and everyday, it said the results would come the next day.

There was another problem afoot, apart from the delayed dates. CBSE apparently suddenly decided to scrap their system of moderation of marks, and this created an uproar in the country. Naturally. Some parent took the case to Delhi’s High Court, and the HC ruling directed CBSE to continue with the system for this year’s marks, and to put this new policy in effect from next session. This led to reports which speculated that CBSE is going to appeal against HC’s ruling in the Supreme Court, but thankfully, this was not the case.

Now, I went to bed on Saturday pretty early, because I was pretty tired. I have no idea how that happened, but the only explanation that comes to mind is that stressing out over yet to be announced results is a lot of work. Then, I kept waking up at frequent intervals of twenty to thirty minutes right from early morning till the time the results actually got put up online. I refreshed the results page exactly twice, then promptly went back to sleep when I saw nothing.

I finally got up at ten something, and I saw the results were on. Then, I tried accessing my result after putting in all my details, but the thing was not happening. My cousin was opening it on his laptop, and the moment I saw it did happen, I snatched the laptop screaming, “I WILL SEE IT FIRST!”

Well, then I saw what I scored in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and started screaming.

My marks are pretty nice, actually:

English: 87
Math: 73
Physics: 95
Chemistry: 94
Biology: 95

This was more than I thought I’d get!

Yes, even for math! I left the two biggest chapters for the math paper, and I was pretty sure I’d get just above the passing scores. Taking that into account, this was pretty good. The thing I am most sad about is English, though.

Well, now, I’ve been filling up college forms, and hoping I get accepted somewhere decent. There is this one college I really want to get in, and the results for that should be up by next week. I’m kinda stressed about that.

There’s nothing all that new going on in my life, apart from the results. People now think I am very smart (95 in physics??????), and I don’t bother with correcting them. Good for me. Let people think I am smart. Haha!

I do have things to do, but I am way too lazy to. I teamed up with this American girl to write a HP fanfic, but I was so lost amongst all the stress that I didn’t write my part of the thing, and I’ve since been trying to avoid her online. I do need to do that, and I want to, as well; but inspiration is a fickle thing.

I wanted to join the British Library we have in my city, but the college I really want to go to (the one I talked about above), is in another city. And my parents aren’t the go-to-the-library-and-fangirl-about-books-and-issue-them-and-actually-read-them kind, so the membership would kind of be a waste. Again, because all the colleges I’ve applied to are in other cities, excluding just one.

I think I NEED to start writing more now, what with having the time to, so I think I will do more of that. I have seen and read more new things, so maybe I could do reviews for those. Who knows.


So, that’s it. I also beat my grandmother in a game of chess today, based on a technicality. I felt smart, but I think she said she lost to make me happy. Well.

That’s it for today, though I do hope to write more soon!

Sky. xoxo