Rant-y Post.

Yes, while I know that I have been away for simply too long to be deemed acceptable, I am going to get back into writing by posting a general rant about people and the annoying (or not so annoying? Maybe I am biased…) things they do.

Alright, maybe I should explain myself. I was in an awfully rare snippy mood today. I mean, I know I am short-tempered and extremely irritable generally, but I usually don’t let it show very, very much. I was a bit too much on edge today, retorting with biting remarks, muttering under my breath, and trying to not get up and punch the person in the fucking throat. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I had a splitting headache, and my hand felt ready to fall off any second.

Okay, so at recess, this girl who ALWAYS picks a fight with me even though I make an effort to not get in her way or anything, probably because I’m used to her and her stupid ways and I know straying across her is going to ruin my day more than it’ll hurt hers, provoked me again. I would go into an in-depth analysis of her character, but the truth is that she hates me for no discernible reason. That is literally it. No reason for her to hate me, yet she does. It was quite stupid, really; basically had her commenting loudly on how my food had been untouched and that the break was going to be over, and some out-of-place giggles to torment me for no reason! I should probably add that she’s the biggest two-faced person ever. She’s all friendly when she needs to ask me for my notes or if she’s stuck in a physics practical or something, but at other times, woah. She even picks fights with me and provokes me in front of our biology teacher! And it’s not like I am imagining this, no; other classmates agree that she goes out of her way to do this. So yeah, she got on my nerves.

I try so hard to be what I believe in, you know? I actively advocate forgiving and forgetting, I try not calling people out on shit they say, because I recognize that however flawed their opinion may be, but it still is their opinion, you know? Who knows, maybe they think  this way because they don’t know any better. And it isn’t right to disregard people’s opinions just because you disagree with them. Yes, sometimes theirs might not be the most morally correct of opinions, but sometimes you need to overlook things because it just isn’t worth it. I try to be kind, and I actively make an effort to be less angry and more nice. I generally help everybody, which is why a friend (who’s not that close anymore as she was to me maybe two years ago) still counts on me to write things for her projects. She’s not even in my stream…

It just really sucks that I have to put up with this unwanted shit even though I try so hard to not do things which might make me deserve it, but, well.

The second part of this post is devoted to something which isn’t even very important, but I have strong feelings for it, so.

A teacher I know joked about how our school is extremely strict when it comes to board exams and invigilating them, after remarking how good theirs is for the leniency they show to students. They actually let students cheat, in a fucking board exam! He was laughing about it, but I think he was semi serious. I mean, I don’t know. I don’t approve of cheating, and I don’t partake in it. I am guilty of telling some pestering classmates a few one word answers, but I have never copied off of someone, be it in a simple class test, or an exam.

I feel that cheating is not very nice, and that it shouldn’t be encouraged at all. Exams exist to test your existing knowledge in the subject, not to torment you. People who fail or get lesser marks must simply work harder to gain more proficiency in the subject. I know education isn’t a privilege, but to get taught in good schools by highly qualified teachers is nothing short of an excellent opportunity that everyone must make good of. Taking the whole thing for granted gets you nowhere.

While everyone was laughing in class, I cracked a reluctant smile. I did not wish to say anything on the matter, because I might’ve misinterpreted him and his sentiments. I am sorry if I sound too high and mighty or whatever (yes, I’ve been called this by a lot of people when I told them I would not help them in the test), but this just how I feel. This isn’t to offend anyone, just in case somebody does get offended!

Much love,
Sky xoxo.

P.S.: First term exams done. Wow, I am lucky I passed everything.