Personality Development?

As is usually the case (at least I hope so) with my posts, the heading for today will make itself clear as you read on. The existence of the interrogative is to make it abundantly clear that I personally am clueless as to whether this was actually the case or not.

Well, this is a rather surprising post, for a number of reasons. I fear this will make me look extremely stupid, but you know, what with all of the things I do and say in real life and from things I have posted here in the past, it probably won’t come as too big a shock.

This is going to be sort of important, but not too much, because this isn’t much of a revelation, more like a bringing myself up to speed on things I actually have an opinion on. Does that make sense? I fear it doesn’t. Oh, well.

Okay, so just a couple of days ago (more like weeks), I stumbled across the complete list of tumblr genders and this kinda blew my mind for a number of reasons. Not only was I was amused by how detailed this was, I was also finding it a little difficult that people actually are okay with this. I mean, I knew that a vast majority of them considered this absolute and utter bullshit (which is how I discovered that such a thing even existed in the first place), but the rest of them must’ve been slightly okay with this for it to even be in existence. And that is where I kind of look like an asshole.

I know how I have talked about how I know what kind of person I want to be and what kind of person I currently am, and that is not untrue. But when I stumble across things like these, I cannot help but snort derisively at what people come up with. I know I can probably try and make myself feel better by simply falling back on the one solid foolproof belief I have that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I know that is not the kind of person I want to be, you know? I want to be accepting and kind and extremely fucking supportive for whoever desires my support, but I lack there and it makes me feel bad.

I think a big part of why I find this kind of stupid, is because the only concept of gender I have ever known is the sex you were born with. That has been one of the main (read: only) criteria for judging gender since practically forever, and that is why it has mostly never struck me that you can feel a different gender than the one slapped upon you at the time of your birth because of the kind of reproductive system you possessed upon commencement into human life, but can you really blame me? I have been brought up that way, as have countless others. The slight open-mindedness I do possess today has been a direct consequence of my (I like to think) extensive reading, as well as my boyfriend, who constantly challenges my opinions and beliefs and forces me to think things I probably would never really think about.

I should stop typing this and finish typing up my chemistry project, the only real reason I actually am using my laptop this far into the school year with preboards so close but

If asked my honest opinion, I would say that I respect what people themselves believe in, and I promise you that it would not be a lie. However, I do still believe that characterization of one’s gender by what gonads are seen on them as they come out of the womb is a more effective classification, because the thought process (I’m guessing there is some thinking involved) that goes into deciding what gender you identify yourself with, and I would like to think that infants and toddlers are not capable of that… not yet, at least.

And maybe I am rather rude in what I stand by, but I do believe that the first and foremost duty of one’s sex is to procreate. What you do after that is, frankly, your business.

So, I am sorry if I offended anybody. Trust me when I say that that wasn’t my intention.

That’s it for this post, I suppose.

Sky xoxo.