So, I went to the doctor’s today. You know, to find out what the cause of my headache is. (Spoiler alert: Still undiagnosed).

Anyway, I had low BP, so that was listed as a possible explanation, but maybe it isn’t the root of the problem.

We decided to go to the opthalmologist after that, thinking that maybe my eye sight’s gone woozy and maybe strain due to that is causing the headache. But, no. Worse news.

I have bad eyesight.

I need glasses.

Bad eyesight isn’t causing my headache.



I really thought that part of my life was over for good. I really, really did. I should explain what I mean, I guess.

So basically, I got glasses in third grade, and they lasted all the way till eighth grade. Can you believe it? Because I cannot. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was when I was told that I don’t need glasses at all.

Ever so happy.

But now, they have forced their way back in my life. I’m doomed to wearing glasses till the end of time. (My time, at the very least.)


I’m so sad, it’s all I’ve been thinking about. I don’t like glasses. Now, one would call me shallow and judgemental and everything, but I don’t like glasses. I’ve worn them for a long time, so I’m allowed to dislike them, I think. You know how there are people who look good with glasses? Yeah, I’m not one of them. I’ve NEVER looked good with them. Sure, I look normal, but not good.

Why must this happen to me?!

They basically roughly estimated my power today, and ugh. I’m going to the opthalmologist again in a week or so, to get the real thing done. Then I’ll get glasses.

Then I’ll look weird.

I’m gonna go study.


Lots of love,
Sky who’s sad, xoxo.

P.S.: Please don’t think I’m overreacting. I was teased a lot for my glasses in third.


A List of Things to be Accomplished.

It’s all in the title.

1. Watching the Aurora Borealis.

2. Going skydiving, bungee jumping, and snorkeling.

3. Learning Spanish.

4. Getting a good SAT score.

5. Conquering my fear of math. Pulverizing him like the annoying thing he is.

6. Building my very own library.

7. Watching all the TV shows I want to watch.

8. Visiting the Dead Sea.

9. Making a medical discovery.

10. Publishing a book(s).

Sky xoxo.


The Emoji Tag!

I was nominated for The Emoji Tag by gxxdbyeagony. Thank you! This sounds fun, primarily because I use emojis all the time and they’re cute.

The rules are, well, pretty simple:

1) Thank the blogger who nominated you. Check.
2) Answer the emoji tag questions.
3) Nominate other bloggers for the tag, and notify them of their nomination. I think I will cheat here, hehehehehe.

Question time!

1) Do you like emojis? If not… why are you on this tag?
I already answered this above! But anyway, I love emojis. And that’s why I’m doing this tag. Not to seem rude or anything, but if somebody who disliked emojis got nominated for the tag, they wouldn’t do it. Simple as that.

2) What is your favorite emoji and why?
-The poker face? I use a lot of emojis, I don’t know. Here, take a picture of my commonly used emojis:


3) Emojis or emoticons or other?
-I call ’em emojis. I used to call them smileys for like, a vast portion of my life, till I got rudely corrected by my then crush; this extremely hot yet uninterested and aloof tenth grader. I was in eighth.

4) Most frequently used emoji?
A cross between the good ol’ poker face and the laughing emoji. I will also bring to your attention how my whatsapp now has the option of the middle finger emoji (which my friends and I are ECSTATIC about).

5) Five emojis you wished existed?
-A yummy pizza emoji. This one looks a month old. 🍕
I don’t know what else.

6) If you can, type five emojis you’ve never used.

7) Have you ever sent a tweet/message where the emoji was in a separate line? If so did you go OCD?
-Yep. Totally went OCD. My friends and I sometimes have emoji conversation, where they go a little like this:


So, we’re very OCD about patterns. If the pattern goes out of whack, I start crying. (Not really, but…)

I nominate:
Shubby, Muskan, Gaurav, Wide-Eyed (I don’t know what else to call you by, sob sob cry cry), and New Romantics.

(See? Too lazy for words, can’t even link and shiz.)

(I’m studying physics.)

(I studied for biology practical exams the entire day.)


Bye bye,
Sky xoxo.

P.S.: Lol.

English Writing.

HAHA, this is what we do at school in the writing and grammar period:


Pay some attention to the jingle!


And the pictures! Look how the guy’s mood depends on the amount of strands of dead cells on his scalp!


That ™ symbol… Maybe I should enter marketing? Basically because ads curated by yours truly are going to attract crowds like stores with 50-60% off sales attract women. 😂

That’s all for this post!

Sky xoxo.

P.S.: I’m hanging out here because no school tomorrow and no whatsapp and sigh.

P.P.S.: Gujarat is so interesting right now go Google and find out all about why my school’s closed for tomorrow, and why it was closed today and also why it was closed yesterday.

The Diary of a Young Girl.

We were assigned this book in the tenth grade. It was either this or Helen Keller’s autobiography or something, and frankly, I would pick Anne Frank over Helen Keller any day.

I tried reading the book in seventh grade, but found it… uninteresting at the beginning, which is primarily why I forgot all about it for the next two years.

Anyway, I was happy. We had Gulliver’s Travels in ninth, and I was happy because this seemed more interesting. Now, some people prefer getting summaries of the novel chapter wise, but not me. I like reading the whole thing.

So, the novel. I remember being excited, because it was essentially a diary. A diary is an intimate part of any person, and isn’t that why people like stealing others’ diaries and reading them? Now, I know a huge part of the world has already read the book – nothing intimate about more than a few hundred thousands reading the same diary – but looking at it that way kept it fun.

So, the book was divided into two parts for the two school terms. The first part was okay. It wasn’t very very interesting, but it was okay. I really liked the second part. It was interesting to read, and I just really really liked it.

What really got to me, was the end of the book.

No hint of the fact that she was going to her death after that post. None at all. The very… incompleteness of the whole thing is unsettling.

Says a lot, though.

It might end a lot more suddenly than one might think, and you might not have time to put your affairs in order. I’m just not sure if that’s the tragedy or the beauty of the end.

However, I’m quite sad that she didn’t make it. The fact that she died weeks away from liberation is heart wrenchingly sad.

I really really really want to visit the Anne Frank House.

Lots of love,
Sky xoxo.

P.S.: I’m rereading TFIOS, hence Anne Frank. Though I should’ve done this post sooner.

Tons of Exercise! (Not Really).

I had a pretty tiring day today.

I woke up, did some exercise for about half an hour, then breakfast. Then was in a sleepy daze till like twelve, at which I was sent to the bathroom to wash my hair and to wake up (basically to stop being a zombie).

After that, I wrote some practicals and called a friend who handed her phone in (the blasphemy!) and asked her about school stuff. We talked for a total of fifteen minutes, which is laughable as I only called her to ask what I should write as the answer of one question.

Finished writing the chemistry practical at like, five something. Thought I’d take a break till five thirty, and then study the chapter that’s due for a test tomorrow but I don’t think I should bother with plans anymore; it’s seven now and I still am on that ‘break’.

However, pretty eventful break. I made myself some iced tea, and mom made me exercise some more. After that, she made me bicycle around the block (doc told me to take up cycling as it would help and blah blah blah), and the funniest thing was how I found the key to my cycle covered with cobwebs. Haha!

I got back from the cycle ride, and now am in front of the TV, writing this. After I eat something, I’ll go study. Promise.

Sky xoxo.



This makes me happy beyond relief. Like, so happy! So insanely happy! Oh Christ!

The fact that as many as a hundred people like what I write and want yo read more of it, feels me with this inexplicable sense of happiness.

Argh! I’m over the moon! Wow! Thank you so much, people who follow this blog!

Sky xoxo.

P.S.: I had pizza to celebrate. 😂❤